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  • Carol Van Wert - Spore- PC/MacWe bought a used version and cannot get online to play because of the registration, don't buy used unless the seller says that the game isn't registered to the owner anymore. I didn't realise that this had online content and went to register it and it was already registered. Seller was nice to give me full money back and keep game, but will have to order it new to make sure we get the right stuff.
    My kids love the game and are excited to get one that we can use online to play with one another.
  • Nancy C. Thornburg - I love the tabletBut I've had some interesting interactions with tech support. One told me I couldn't download the Kies program because I have a 64 bit computer. The next tech said I could, too, download it but why bother anyway? One tech gave me a very convoluted approach to transferring photos and music from my PC to the tablet which involved going out and buying a microchip and using it as the "go between". The next tech showed me how to "drag and drop" photos and music from the PC to the table. So clearly Samsung needs to improve its tech support training. But otherwise I love the tablet.
  • "pachoguillermo" - A great show of the Pink Floyd powerAfter of the recording of the Momentary Lapse of Reason in 1987 the Division Bell has become the second production of the band without the great Rower Waters, in this production you can find an excellent work, this lyrics almost produced by David Gilmour show a deep message in every song, a great characteristic of Pink Floyd. The recording have an excellents instrumentals songs like Cluster One and the great Marooned, and also excellents songs like What Do You Want Fron Me, the powerfull High Hopes and one of my favorites Coming Back To Life. The Division Bell show in every song a deep message and evolution of one of the most important progressive rock band in the history of the music. This recording is also important because you can see the great way that the band is direct by an excellent musician and composer David Gilmour, who gave in every production an excellent quality and a the most important a message for the life.