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  • BookReader "Reader" - A very good beginningVery good information for getting started in cake decorating. Clearly explains about different types of frosting/icing and their properties, and more. A very good beginning. Has details I never saw anywhere else. Very helpful to have a visual presentation of techniques. Conveniently set up so you can just click on the section you want - if you don't want to watch the DVD all the way through.
  • R - Truly baffling..OK, so I feel like I need to put a little backstory. So I have always been sweaty. But it always starts on my upper lip. ALWAYS. So I start sweating on my upper lip, even though I don't feel hot. I then start to sweat on my forehead, head, neck and so on. I am then uncomfortable just from sweating on my face, I start to sweat even more. I went to my doctor hoping to get some kind of answer or maybe even Botox.. (I had heard it blocks sweating glands) however I am not even mid 20's and was worried about using something like Botox that early for only sweating. So I gave up and thought I must just need to work out more often. That didn't work so I went to the internet. I found this and read the reviews. I only wanted this for my face. Someone said it worked but only for a week but I figured that one week would be better than none. Well, I only started this 5 days ago. So far my results are what everyone else is saying, which is no sweating but maybe a little "dampness." I truly cannot put it into words.. I have gone my ENTIRE life with being the only person in the room who is sweating in a not so hot room when everyone else will make comments on how they are not hot or how they are even cold! I had low expectations so I put it to the test. I went to the mall. Different stores, outside and inside, different temperature.... NO SWEAT!! I though it must be a cool day and I won't even get the real results.. it was 80 degrees out.. not a big deal for most but I am one who can sweat doing NOTHING at 70.. Again it has not been a week but my job is very physically active and I still have not sweated. However I do have VERY sensitive skin to the point where only one skin treatment plan will work for me. I won't know for a couple of days or so if I will break out from this and/or if it will keep on working past the week mark. I will update on this because if anyone else is living the way I was a week ago, I soo want to just hand this to you and say try it.. it's worth a try once.
  • William J. Romer "Newf Traveler" - LIFE CHANGER!Thanks to Oprah Winfrey, I (not William) took the plunge on an item I had been thinking about for months. The Kindle changes your life. In tough times, how wonderful it is to rediscover the joy of reading. I have read more books in my 6 months of "Kindle-dom" than I did for the prior three years. Periodicals like Financial Times and WSJ are amazing.
    TREAT YOURSELF if you can. This is remarkable. You will be surprised and delighted!
  • Blinky - Kickass BagThis bag needs no introduction, and rest assured it does live up to its expectations. It takes so much of my stuff that I have no trouble having faith in it to carry me through almost any situation, except perhaps going overseas. My one issue is with the inadequate padding on the shoulder pad that comes with the bag. Probably need to purchase the Messenger D-Lux Strap Pad to go with it. Other than that, this bag was a phenomenal purchase. Rocking it as a normal messenger for school and as a brilliant shooting companion on shoots.
  • S. Power - Incredible speed and performance. This and the Samsung 840 EVO are both solid.After previously upgrading to a Crucial M4 512GB SSD, I couldn't decide which SSD to get next. This one and the Samsung 840 EVO both looked great on paper, so I bought them both to do some side-by-side testing. They both were easy to install in HP Elitebook 8560W mobile workstations, and perform great. Since there was no clear winner, I kept them both, and they are both continuing to perform really well. I love SSD speed, durability, and performance.