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  • Robert Samuel White "" - A True MasterpieceIt is hard to put into words just how important I find this book to be. I have owned at least five copies of it, giving each one away to a friend who I thought could benefit from it as much as I have.

    The most important tool I learned from this book is writing in a journal, every day, without fail. Since the year 2000, I have diligently tried to follow this guideline, and have completed nearly thirteen full journals.

    The transformation has been enormous and uncalculable.

    In addition to the journal writing recommendation made by this book, there are volumes of insights in this book made by the author. I am thoroughly, completely, and profoundly grateful by the sheer wisdom I have gleemed from this material. The author is a true gift on this planet. Her words, magnificient.
  • Hotclue "aka Beth Anderson, author and book r... - A few notes while standing outside of my psychiatrist's officeI'm writing this in the waiting room. It's my fourteenth visit to this psychiatrist, so I may have to stop writing when they call my name although I am getting a little better since I first bought a package of these pens, which are my whole problem no matter what anybody else says. The pretty colors were what coerced me into buying an entire package because I thought that each pen would have colored ink matching the outside of the pen. I can't begin to explain my hormonal heartbreak when I discovered they all wrote in black.

    My devastation went on for a couple of weeks, when my husband and nine children, all under ten, finally said I needed a psychiatrist. In fact, they insisted on it because I was crying so much I couldn't cook or wash clothes or vacuum the floors, which we all know are womens' work which I couldn't possibly do because of my tiny, dainty hands. I brought the whole package of your pens with me for my first visit to the psychiatrist, although he kept trying to derail the conversation to other problems, like why did I have ten children under nine (do I have to tell this doctor everything?). I'm beginning to get embarassed, sitting in front of him sobbing over such a minor thing as a package of pens.

    Anyhow, by the time my first visit was completed, the doctor had found out that not only do I have nine children under ten, I also was arrested for robbing a grocery store bank and then shopping for my groceries while I was still in the store. They arrested me at the checkout as I was writing a blank check I found next to my car on my way in the store. Finders keepers, right? Apparently not, although I have no idea when that rule changed. And to make it worse, I was using one of YOUR pens, which I SHOULD remind you, all, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM only writes in black!!!!! So now I suppose my second hysterical crying fit since I first entered the store, which I admit held up the line considerably before I was arrested and held for bail, isn't covered by your company's guarantee, is it? Well, IS IT???

    If it wasn't for the black ink you slipped in without me knowing it, I'd still be home with my ten children under nine, writing with a beautiful but misleading coral or turquoise (my favorite) Bic pen, which fits my hand so well nobody could possibly mistake my note for one written by a man. I might add, the police were extremely ham-handed, so if I were you I'd print on the package where nobody could possibly miss it, that NO POLICE SHOULD WRITE WITH ONE OF THESE PENS. Unless it's a female policeperson, of course. We all know how small and delicate they are.

    Because as we all know by now, your pens ONLY fit the female hand. The small, delicate, beautifully maincured female hand. I Would Not Have Nine Children Under ten, WOULD I NOW??? if I didn't have gorgeous hands that had never scrubbed a floor or picked up a pile of dog poop with the EDGE OF MY SHIRT because we had no Kleenex (can I say Kleenex on a Bic page?) and I wouldn't be crying outside of the psychiatrist's office because they kicked me out because I was SCREAMING about KLEENEX. Would your guarantee have paid for this doctor's visit if I had started SCREAMING about BIC pens instead? WOULD IT????? We'll never know, will we?

    Please respond immediately. Oh, and send a new box of Bic pens, please. I dropped mine while I was being dragged out the door. I promise to never, ever let a male hand touch any of them.
  • Pam Hazlett - kaspersky anti-virus 2013 3 usersloved that i got this at dang near half the price i would have paid for it in the store and Kaspesky is an amazing virus protection company, there the leaders in finding and controlling new malware, viruses , and Trojans i was told this by someone who doesn't even use this program , he is a computer repair person and when i asked him about this kaspersky he highly recommended it, the customer service is great , the price on here was great. very happy with my purchase