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  • cdtburn - Great product / Great price!!!I have been using McAfee protection for several years now and am quite pleased. Purchased this product for my laptop and my gf's... both working great. The one thing I don't like is that this purchase allowed for 3 computers to be protected and once you have activated the software on one computer it requires you to activate the other 2 within a couple of weeks or you forfeit those additional activations. This was the first time I have purchased their software from Amazon and I saved a bundle of $ going this route instead of downloading it from the McAfee website so really all is well and I highly recommend this purchase from Amazon.
  • Nicole Kellner-Swick - Great family organizer!We have a large family, with 5 active kids. It is very challenging for us to keep everyone's schedules straight - between doctor appointments and extra curricular activities, this calendar helps us to organize everything and hang it on the fridge for all to see. It's the perfect size for our clan!!
  • Carlos Filho - Really fastI have a MacBook Aluminium late 2008 and this upgrade was really good. Because it's SATA II and not works fully at 6Gbps.
    Not worth buying a newer model, because the macbook only recognizes 3Gbps.

    My late HD: R/W 50MB/s
    Crucial M500: R/W 130~140MB/s

    That's awesome! Changing only hard drive to ssd increasely 100% of boot time, now it's less 30s. I guess I made a good choice. Let's see how much time it survives.