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  • J. Tyler - I can't wait to read it all again!!While I can't say that the second book in the series is as good as the first, I absolutely loved this book. The turmoil Tris works through is so well written that I felt like it was me enduring those feelings. I felt like it was me experiencing the love for Four (I will always call him Four) that Tris developed. The anger, hatred, sorrow, and guilt Tris felt in the book were all mine. It is so hard to write a first person point of view book that works as well as this one did. It takes a skill author to make it work. Ms. Roth is definitely skilled. I enjoyed seeing the characters grow and change and mature. I enjoyed the love story between Tris and Four. I couldn't wait to get my copy of Allegiant so I could keep on living the life Ms. Roth was sharing with us. I loved this series so much and was so saddened when it ended b/c my time with the characters was over that I ordered the other 5 supplemental books. I can't get enough of Tris and Four and I absolutely cannot wait to see the movie (especially considering who they cast as Four!) Thank you for a captivating, keep-me-up-way-past-bedtime read that I just could not put down.
  • Vicki L. Riechers "Reading to learn" - Works great and smells niceGreat product to prevent flea infestation. Bought this because I have a dog with allergies and did not want to put traditional flea medicine on him as it makes him break out. We apply this product to our dog and rub it on his body and the added value it is smells wonderful.