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  • Peter C Parsons - wake up timeThis is the second book by Thomas Horn that I've read. He has provided me with a ton of historical material that I had no idea about. His uncovering the background of the Masons and Rosicrucians, the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderbergers opens up a whole new world for us all to consider. Some of his information and conclusions are quite frightening--as well they should be. He is warning us that it is time to wake up. What he writes about the plans for America, dating back to the Founding Fathers, is only hard to believe until you have absorbed his facts and his in depth research. And no, I am not related to him.And another thing, it seems that whatever is going to happen will happen regardless of whom we vote for. The game is on.
  • katzrule - Much needed bookBook has been put to good use. Has already more than paid for itself. Will probably order one a year from now. Always has all the drug answers I need for work. Wonderful book.
  • Lori Dzik - Office Pro 2013 is AwesomeI had heard that Office 2013 wasn't favored by many people. From the first day I have been working with it (from previous version 2007), I find it very user friendly. Reminds me more of using an apple product. Even though it looks considerably different, the ease of finding documents, icons, etc is great. Publisher and Excel has updated some things that weren't available in the 2007 version. Word actually is much easier to work with for graphics (much more like Publisher). Impressed with the update!