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  • Alandriel - More "For Her" productsDear Bic,

    While I am so happy with my Cristal Pens and all my notes, lists and recipes look like so much fun, I wish you could make more products "For Her":

    1. A remote that allows only "Lifetime" and "Oprah" channels

    2. A calculator with only "+" and "-", all other confuse me

    3. VERY IMPORTANT: a keyboard that allows me to type and go only to certain websites.

    I say the last one, because while writing with pen on paper allowed my femininity to blossom, as soon as I am in front of a computer I find myself checking ProFootBall Talk, trying to set my fantasy football team or checking scores. I am thoroughly ashamed that if I Google a football player, I am not looking for the pretty ones, but at their stats last season and if they are still going to be on my favorite team next season.

    PLEASE HELP ME BE A WOMAN! I have no business watching prime time comedies or procedurals and why do I even have a favorite football team? Sundays are for cooking and attending to my DH and his friends while they watch the game, not yell "It was a PI, you stupid zebra"
  • Tracy L. Catlin - Individualized for the massesI have been working on my weight issues since I was a teenager. When I hit my 30's, I finally found my stride, but after the birth of a kiddo, everything came back on and I had to start all over. This time, however, things just didn't want to move. For ten years, I struggled. I ate all of "the right" foods. I lifted weights, I ran, did sprints, biked. Nine months ago, I discovered Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis and discovered that wheat was a huge contribution to my weight. Ten pounds fell off. Unfortunately, I was still not feeling well. My stomach would bloat up almost after every meal, and my low-calorie (yet sensible and healthy) meals showed up on the scale with a 5-8 pound weight gain the next several days. Enter *The Plan.*

    Like many people, I discovered The Plan on the Doctor Oz Show. I downloaded the Kindle version and read everything and decided to just do it. What could I lose? I went shopping and bought all the stuff needed. I was already a cook who loved to bake wheat-free concoctions. Wasn't too sure about that carrot-ginger soup, though! But if I was going to do this, then I was going to do it. Really, the carrot ginger soup was no big deal to make. I had half of it for the fridge and then froze the other half in ice-cube trays for my other days. The flax granola was a learning process. I have discovered that if I just add flax seed and water, and NOT put in the cinnamon and other spices, it will not be as slimy for when I bake it the next morning. Without the spices, it's MUCH easier to work with, and I can have it prepared in the pans in less than five minutes (baking time 50 minutes - an hour on low heat). I then add the spices to my milk when I eat it for breakfast.

    After the first three days, the cooking comes much easier. I make what I am supposed to make and then either freeze the rest or eat the rest for lunch the next day.

    I lost another ten pounds in the twenty days, and now I am making my own meals and testing my own foods and figuring out what I react to. I discovered that I have a severe reaction to whey protein--which was the basis of my healthy diet clear back when I was trying to lose that poundage that wouldn't budge. I also react to tomatoes and potatoes. Potato was my staple when I went wheat free. Many things make sense now as to why I could never get to my healthy weight.

    This plan is now individualized for me, because I decide what I want to test. I follow the basic guidelines that Lyn-Genet set in the first twenty days and then do my own thing. A person's body on the TP is supposed to get to such a state that the body notices a reaction of a test food by the next morning. *I* notice a physiological reaction about 30 minutes after a test food if I react negatively to it. I don't even have to weigh (but I do). I place no emotional reaction to the weight on the scale--it's just data to help me figure out things.

    I've not tried a lot of the recipes in the book, because I am too busy trying out my own. We do have that option and freedom. There is FB support from Lyn-Genet in which you can read more information or look at what questions others may have and then learn from them (or not). There are also various menus to follow on Lyn-Genet's web site, so in case the menu in the book doesn't work for you, you can try a different kind (vegetarian, celiac, etc.). I chose the regular menu and then tested other things rather than test for bread.

    Day 18, you test a restaurant.

    Day 21, you are done with her menus if you want to be, but she also gives you ways in which you can plan your own meals.

    Tips before trying out the program: Just because this may be a 20 day plan and beyond, it does not mean that you will be done with your twenty days in twenty days. If you react to a food negatively, you need to let your body rest and repair with friendly-food for you days before testing another food. My twenty days took me thirty, actually. Also, I bought the Kindle version, but I am still planning on buying the book copy just so that I can search for things easier. I am better at skimming with the physical pages than on Kindle, but Kindle was able to get me started.

    The point of The Plan is not actually weight loss, but to rid your body of inflammation which is a major cause of disease, depression, joint paint, migraines, allergies, and beyond.

    Since beginning Wheat Belly and then The Plan, I have no had any sinus problems; whereas, before, I was in pain and in discomfort daily. I've had two migraines in the nine months of this food change; whereas, before, I had a major headache once every 2-3 weeks.

    If you are in search of answers and you've tried everything "right" to help you be a healthier person, but you are still in pain, discomfort, bloated, overweight, The Plan might be the answer for you. The best thing you can do for yourself is to try it and see, but be sure you connect with others who are doing The Plan or who have done it so you are not alone.
  • NOFORMô - Works for me!I followed the directions exactly - it took 2 packets in 2 nights to curb my sweat for 1 week.. That's pretty amazing. I am starting to sweat again, so I'll be applying another packet tonight. One weird occurrence, I get "phantom sweat" - meaning I still feel sensations of sweat trickling down the inside of my arm, but I'm completely dry. This is the only product I've used that has successfully kept me dry for more than a couple hours, an automatic 5 of 5.
  • dulamouneiag - Started at 18I am 19 and have been taking rogaine foam for almost a year now. I gave this product a 5 because in the past it has deleted lower ratings. I started a few months before I turned 19, my hairline wasn't too bad but all my dads side had lost their hair a sooner or later, so I decided to start early (as they ads recommend). As the months have gone by, I have seen my hairline recede fairly rapidly. I was in denial at first (being told it would grow back stronger) the first month or so I lost a lot (as I was warned) but eventually it slowed down. It still hasn't come back and I continue to lose more but I will continue to use considering I was told if I stop it could get worse. I also take saw palmetto.