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  • Smack - With some creativity, this is a game changer.Slices bananas perfectly, of course. There's three thousand reviews on here that will tell you that. But here's some NEW news: This think can slice other things, too, especially if they re roughly banana shaped. Think about it. Are you with me yet? Hint: Hot dogs, boy! oh, and by extension, sausages. BUT WAIT! THERE"S MORE! Hard boiled eggs, two at a time, three at a time, even. Straw berries. Melon balls. Doughnut holes. All kids of stuff.

    Don't be fooled into thinking you need anything else to slice up other stuff. THIS IS ALL YOU NEED. Get one. Get it now.
  • L. Bandoly "Kindle Bookworm" - Insane, crazy, intense, but I love itI never thought I'd be a person to enjoy a workout routine and diet as intense and crazy as this one is, but I ended up loving it. After over five years of not taking care of myself and being entirely too idle, I decided to get moving because I was tired of not liking my body anymore. Per the doctor I was 45 lbs over the weight they want me at for my height, and that's a lot when you're only 5 feet tall. I'd knocked off 5 on my own when my husband ordered this. I was skeptical really didn't want to do it, but then I decided what the hell and dived in head first.

    I'm not going to lie the workouts are crazy and intense. But I love the changes in my body. If you're serious about improving your body and getting in shape this product will definitely do it for you. But read all the material that comes with this so that you fully understand why you need to do it the way he has it set up. And why food is so important. But be prepared to sweat and to learn to hate yoga.