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  • Osashes - Game is awesome! New spin on SimCity!All the whiners concerning servers issues are little, impatient kiddies who have no idea what actually goes into releasing a game that has massively-multiplayer features. Boo-hoo, you have to take a little break from the game for the first couple days, because they're still fixing kinks in their server setup and finding bottlenecks. Look at the game itself. Tons of fun! Tons of potential! And the multiplayer aspect is actually extremely awesome! Great job, EA! Give it a couple days, fix up the server issues, and this game is definitely worthy of a 10/10!
  • Jack - A must buy for residentsThis is one of two handbooks that is considered a must buy for interns and residents. I had this in my pocket during all my residency, since there are new drugs all the time. This handbook is small, easy to put in your white coat pocket, and has everything you need to know on the spot regarding antibiotics and sensitivities. Have a patient with a UTI who is Sulfa allergic? This handbook will tell you what to prescribe. A great buy at a great price.
    I also highly recommend that new interns and residents pick up Tarascon Pocket Pharmacopoeia 2012 Classic Shirt-Pocket Edition. This is probably the booklet that I used the most as a resident, and still often refer to it as a practicing doctor today. There are new medications every day, and this book helps you keep track of them.
  • jeffolee "jeffolee" - Fantastic device for cord-cuttersI got rid of cable years ago, and ever since, my 50 inch plasma TV went largely unused and unappreciated. I watched my streaming shows via Netflix and other services on my laptop, and on some occasions I would plug my computer into my TV via HDMI cable, but not too often.

    Then I got the Roku.

    Suddenly, I was able to watch my streaming content in full HD on the big screen without fumbling with cables and awkwardly trying to control my laptop from the couch. The picture quality is really superb, and as long as you have a fast internet connection, you should expect excellent streaming performance from Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Prime.

    There are a lot of other channels available for the Roku, but I have found that I stick to the best-known streaming services for the most part. Occasionally, I watch some .MP4 or .MKV files via thumb drive, and the quality has been very good. There have been occasions when the unit will freeze when I watch a file from a thumb drive, but it may be a problem with the file itself.

    Overall, I consider the Roku 3 to be an essential gadget for anyone who wants to rid themselves of cable or satellite TV. It's easy to use, relatively inexpensive, and allows you to access streaming content on your TV as easily as operating a cable box.
  • Colleen Floyd "Colleen" - Derma Wand ReviewI decided to give the Derma Wand a try after reading good reviews by other customers. I had no idea how good it was, however, until I tried it. This is a fantastic product that already has made major changes in my skin after only about a month of use. Fine lines have disappeared, and the texture and tone are greatly improved. My jawline also appears a bit lifted, although one should not expect similar results to a facelift. That would not be realistic. All in all, well worth the cost.
  • Carlos L Ramirez - My Play Station 4 ReviewI pre ordered the PS4 the moment Amazon had it for sale.

    Pros: As expected, this machine is flawless. Sony has improved this console in almost every aspect, from the internal CPU/GPU to the Controller. UI Software is great and fast and games boot up in 1 minute or less. Connectivity is great and although you now have to pay$50.00 a year for a playstation Plus membership (only Required for MULTIPLAYER Games - Everything else is FREE - Netflix, internet, Hulu, etc. etc.) it will pay off during the first couple of months. I've been a member of the PS+ service since a little after it's inception and I have downloaded more than 5 times it's price on free offerings (games, discounts and avatars).

    Cons: The initial Play Station-Network connection was a little rough due to all the new consumers trying to log in and entered their new credentials. Some people will find the lack of "Exclusive" titles a thing to be concerned, but as with Sony's track record, I can assure you games are going to star to come out non-stop.

    P.S. I also purchased a 1tb Solid State Hybrid drive for the PS4 and it works fantastically. I recommend this device for your PS4.
    http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00B99JUBQ/ref=cm_cr_ryp_prd_ttl_sol_3 -Hard drive is user replaceable.