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City: Dublin, Dublin City

  • Mm in wa - Others are noticing!!!I've had my No No for a few weeks now. I started using it on one arm to get a feel for the devise. Once I'd mastered it I used it on my target area... my "fuzzy face". Normally my hair is very thick and dark. Which causes me to be extremely self conscience. No-No has changed that dramatically. I have never been so pleased with a hair removal product. With a little time, determination and reasonable expectation, I have found this to be nothing short of a miracle. Also, its much less painful that waxing. This morning I asked my best friend if she noticed any change in the density of the hair on my lip and chin. She replied with a resounding YES!!! Silly me... now its summer and short sleeves are in order so I better get the hair off my other arm.
  • Norris G. - Great ProductThis "Polaroid 32 GB CL10 micro SDHC Flash Memory Cards for Tablet PCs and Smartphones", is a truly good product. This SD card is of very good quality and it is fast for "Reading and Writing" to and from and holds a ton of info, i have 1,219 songs, 3 full length movies, 600 pictures and a boatload of apps on this SD memory card for my new "Tablet" and all works perfectly and my "Tablet" reads the info fast and without any problems what so ever. I will be buying More of these "Polaroid 32 GB CL10 micro SDHC Flash Memory Cards for Tablet PCs and Smartphones" very soon. These cards are "Class 10 SD Cards, which is the best for reading and writing to a Tablet" I recommend this product 100%. Thanks
  • Virginia Campbell - title says it all in a way you don't expect"Still Missing" by Chevy Stevens will change the way you look at many aspects of life. There are some things that you will never take for granted again, like your freedom, physical safety, and most of all, your peace of mind. This is a harrowing survival tale of a woman who faces kidnapping, imprisonment and physical and mental cruelty at the hands of a sadistic psycho. After you read this book, the title, "Still Missing", will haunt you till the end of your reading days!