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  • Aleta Boers - Dr Phil's Life CodeDr Phil's Life Code is a great tool to learn what to do and how to utilize what you've just discovered. It's print size makes it an easy read book and the chapters are not too long so you can read a chapter then use the tools it showed you now to use, then at your pace you can move forward to the next chapter/tool. Going to suggest several people I know to read this and put it into practice.
  • Jerra - Very helpful! ****UPDATE*********UPDATE******
    THIS DID raise my blood pressure quite a bit...My reading today was 136/90 which is high for me lately and well above what it's been....

    First let me say that I take blood pressure medicine (that also helps with anxiety and migraines) and this product does not affect my numbers at all (but I would def check with your dr)...I have experienced a slight headache once or twice but I really think its from lack of food...when that happens, I eat a healthy meal and it goes away...One reviewer stated that it made her extremely dizzy...I will have to say that I did get dizzy when I first woke up a few times, but I honestly think it was from my body not getting its usual snack before bed...I was so bad about night time snacking...plus I'm the type of person that is usually late and jumps out of bed lol...I can't really see an increase of energy or anything like that but the appetite is definitely suppressed...I do take 3 at a time but only twice a day because I simply usually forget...plus I'm not a good pill taker but I love that these pills don't have a bad taste like so many herbal supplements...Obviously these pills are just a crutch to lean on...but they do take away the naughty Dove chocolate cravings and help me keep my impulses low so I can make smart, healthy decisions when it comes to food/snacks...
  • Ark Lady (Diana L Guerrero) "ArkLady" - Take a journey into creative recovery or self discovery...This book is a GREAT tool to fill your creative well. In the process you will discover joys you had pushed aside. The main tools in this twelve week workbook are the morning pages and the artist's date. Each day you journal three pages and each week you make a date with yourself. It is about nurturing and caring for yourself.Often times we beat ourselves up after the world gives us the message that we are not good enough, smart enough, etc. This book peels back the layers to your true self. WARNING! This book takes work. However it is fun. If you find a group to work with you will find synergy within the group and great insights through sharing. I facilitate groups using this book and the Vein of Gold and the results are amazing.