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Country: Oceania, NZ, New Zealand

City: Auckland, Auckland

  • This book is Amazing!!! - Amazing!!!!! Girls it's a must have :)This book is absolutely amazing!!!! It really has helped me to see my life from a different view. I have it 3 times so far and I'm sure i will carry in re reading it. Thank you so much Matthew!!! It's a must have for all you woman stuck in dead end relationships or if you just need the confidence to talk to men. I'm a much happier person in myself now. xxxxx

    Ps. The video clips are brilliant!!! It also helps that Matthew is gorgeous <3
  • Al - Easy to useI really enjoy the rotating wheel UI. It's fairly well featured, but as an amateur, I'm still getting used to it's full capbabilities. One thing missing is the ability to alter the size of of a layer that is currently pasted on top of another layer.

    While using it, I realized that the tablet is just too limiting with composition. I'm insipired to upgrade to a touch monitor now.
  • k r hogarth - light reliefThis was the best two hours I have ever spent on the toilet with a book. Relentless and unstoppable read.
    After being mown down on six seperate occasions by HUGE SHIPS whilst in the mid atlantic collecting fossils I can honestly say the money I spent on this book is a much better investment than those other HUGE VESSEL avoidance tomes I have amassed over the years. Hurrah Capt Trimmer!
  • With Brush in Hand - It's a fun book for movie buffsI love movies, new and old, and this is a fun book to read either prior to watching or after seeing the movie and getting a different perspective. It is, clearly, all a matter of opinion and "no" I do not agree with all the reviews, or, rather, the "number of bones" they allocate. But it is a fun book and I would recommend it to movie lovers.