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  • S. Wachtmann - JavaScript 'Object' EnlightenmentThis book is great if you are an intermediate level JavaScript developer.

    Before I bought "Javascript Enlightenment" I had tried several times to get through a copy of "JavaScript the Good Parts" by Douglas Crockford. Crockford's book came very highly recommended but was just moving through concepts faster than I could master them. While I think Crockford's work is no doubt exceptional in it's own right it's not a book for beginners or even intermediates.

    JavaScript Enlightenment does a masterful job of filling in the groundwork for a JavaScript programmer who doesn't already have a good handle on Obects in JS. Lindley's book takes a much more gradual pace and he spends time belaboring some points that can be sticky to wrap your head around. Topics like Prototypes, Constructors, Scopes, Closures and Recursion are approached one step at a time. Is the coverage 100% on any given topic? No not a chance, but you'll have a good foundation for more advanced study of the topics if you need them. You'll also have a good sense of how to avoid the most common novice mistakes.
  • Penmouse - Esoteric and UniqueThe program is esoteric and unique as the tool bars are hidden until needed. In this program, you normally click on a large tool bar located at the top of the computer screen to access the needed brushes, lines or layers. Most programs offer those tool bars at the side of the screen to use as needed. The display is always open rather than hidden as found in the Autodesk Sketchbook Pro 2011 program.

    The program feels kind of cluttered if you open most, or all, the tool bars needed to complete the task.

    Recommend especially if you have a tablet or tablet PC.