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  • Lindybell - You can use other syrups besides the Sodastream brand!There are other companies that make syrups--just Google "soda syrup" and you'll find them plus recipes to make your own if you want. I haven't tried many of the Sodastrea flavors because I was interested in making stevia-sweetened soda. I use Sweetleaf brand flavored stevia drops. I like the root beer, and also like to combine the chocolate flavor with a little each of the Valencia orange and cinnamon (tastes cola-like to me). As some other reviewers have mentioned, if you pick the unit up and shake it after each press of the button (hold the bottle and don't forget to remove the drip tray), you can force more CO2 into the water, enough to burn the back of your throat!
  • Sherrell Johnson - love itIt's just what I was looking for,easy reading and easy to understand. Small enough to carry around. Includes most everything you need to know about the medication and nursing care.
  • Jenna Glatzer "Easily Googlable" - This is What a Stroller Should Be.I was on the phone when my new stroller arrived, but couldn't resist taking it out while talking. Before the end of my 5-minute conversation, half-paying attention with a phone in one hand, I had the stroller assembled. It's totally intuitive, no need for directions.

    I'm accustomed to a bulkier traditional stroller (Laura Ashley), and I also have an umbrella stroller and I've tried out a jogging stroller. If you combined all of them, you'd have the B-Agile.

    Maneuverability is excellent. I didn't expect the front wheel to be so smooth, but it is-- you can turn on a dime and lock the wheel straight forward if you want to use it on unsteady terrain (like grass), turning it into a jogging stroller. The stroller folds very flat and reassembles in a flash, with just one hand needed to take it up and down. It weighs 16.5 pounds, so it's not a featherweight, but it's light for a "real" stroller.

    I love the big canopy and the way the seat reclines almost flat. There's a mesh air vent in back to prevent overheating, too. The foot rest is not adjustable, but seems fine. The only feature that doesn't work for me is the basket, which I wish were larger. It's not good enough for a big diaper bag. That's about the only feature I really like about my big old stroller-- the basket is huge enough for a big diaper bag, my pocketbook, and even a shopping bag or two! But hey, that's the tradeoff for a stroller with a smaller footprint, I guess.

    There are only two color options for this stroller (black and red), which is too bad... wish it came in a cute print. The 5-point harness feels solid and will keep your child in the seat longer. It's meant for kids who weigh up to 55 pounds, so you're good to go for about as long as a kid will possibly sit in a stroller!

    The handlebar is a bit high for shorty moms like me, but I don't mind it. It's built with taller parents in mind, though. And I wish it came with the snack tray, because seriously, who doesn't wind up using a snack tray?

    All in all, I think this stroller is convenient, versatile, and very useful.
  • Jeff L - Stole the show, and will continue too!Today I purchased this fantastic wolf shirt, and started out skeptical. After reading the reviews, I was intrigued. I purchased it on a whim, and immediately put it on and waited for its magical power to kick in. I happened to be on vacation with my entire family, all complementing it and wishing they had one, and proceeded to the children's talent/ magic show. There, the magician paused the show, looked at me, and worked me into the program. Everyone there couldn't take their eyes off it. I was hesitant at first, but I approached the stage, and the magician became so distracted by This bewitching shirt caused him to mess up the entire show, and with the power of the wolves by my side, I took over, putting on the best show the resort had ever seen. Thank you wolf shirt, I now have a gig in Las Vegas with Chris angle opening the show. Tickets will be available in a couple days!! AHWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO🌕🐺🐺🐺
  • W. Calvin Morris "Doc Morris" - Very useful materialDavid Werner has assembled a wonderful primer for anyone rendering care in the third world. There is useful information for everyone from lay people to MDs, well worth the time it takes to read the book. I especially like the succinct treatment plans with common and inexpensive medications. Treating patients in the third world without a laboratory, X-ray, or other modern tools takes a different mindset that WHERE THERE IS NO DOCTOR puts into perspective.

    Strongly recommended. I'm taking a copy back to the mountains of Panama with me next week.