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  • Kristen E. Bogren "Kristen Bogren" - Wow my stomach says thank you!I have been taking this for two weeks, and I have felt better then I have in months. I am also watching more of what I need, but my IBS as gone away, and I really think this has made a difference.

    I still eat yogurt, but feel this is making a big difference as my stomach is finally relaxed and not upset. Thank You Align!
  • Filipe Rodrigues - EssentialI find this text essential for all and every medical student in its clinical placements!
    Easy to use, it only needs a few minutes of practice to get used to it.
  • embracelyn - Great running shoeThis shoe gives me no discomfort after a 5 mile run. Based on research, I ordered a half size bigger so they would be great summer running shoes (swollen feet..) and they are perfect. I have neutral pronation, if that matters to anyone. I will probably replace these with another pair of wave riders when it comes time.
  • Charles Dobson - char broilI read most of the reviews before I purchased.To add my two cents:
    1. It was packaged very well. Some reviews complained about damage but mine was in perfect condition.
    2. The instruction manual is written very well. Easy to assemble. Some reviews mentioned quarter inch screws. The only difficulty I encountered was aasembling the shelves. Being over 6 feet tall it was somtimes hard to grab the screws. Otherwise I put the whole thing together myself. It took a couple of hours.
    3. It does cook faster so you will have to get used to it. Chicken and beef I cooked were very juicy inside.
    4. I agree with most other reviewers that it is not hard to clean. I'm not sure you need to clean after every use but I do. Maybe if you do vegetables it is harder but I haven't tried that yet.
    5. I looked at the item at Home Depot and other sites. When you factor in the sales tax and/or delivery charge Amazon in my view is the best place to purchase this item.
  • Moondoggie "Jeff" - Only software that removed Longfintuna malware.Longfintuna malware was on my laptop and would pop-up full screen adds to tempt me to click on it. I never did thankfully. It is a difficult malware to remove. Norton 360, Malwarebytes, & Spybot Search & Destroy all missed this malware. I decided to try Webroot and it seems to have completely removed Longfintuna malware! It has worked flawlessly along side of Norton so far. The software did a compatibility check prior to installation. Webroot is a great program/suite, and I since purchased a multiple computer upgrade to add it on my desktop computer. It automatically scans everyday and protects you in other ways too.So far I am very happy with this software!