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  • B. Schulman - In Protest to the Fake DRM Reviews!!!I am simply giving this 5 stars since form what I hear this game rocks. I cant belive people would give 1 star over just the dang DRM and not buy the game. Dang Pirates that all they are. 3 Installs are fine. Why would you play the game on more then 3 computers. Your going to go a few years on the same computer and by then a new version or game will be out. Sit Down and Shut up and buy the dang game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Frank - Awesome tabletAwesome. Everything I expected and more. Have recommended this tablet to everyone I know that keep asking to use it.
  • Mary C. Fitzgerald "mom4sons" - Slightly sore throat but this stuff WORKS.I have had an absolutely disgusting taste in the back of my mouth and throat for years. I've also had really bad breath - it's obvious. I could smell it myself, and others would back away from me when I spoke. No amount of brushing, flossing or rinsing was helping except for about 15 minutes. It's been horrible. I just received my shipment of Therabreath today and I tried it immediately. I brushed first, then thoroughly gargled. I am FLOORED. It has been about 6 hours since I rinsed and I still do not have the vile taste in my mouth/throat that I know has been responsible for my nasty breath for so long now. Again, I am floored. The only downside is that my mouth feels irritated and my throat is sore. But I will deal with those things if it means no more nasty taste/breath. I'm hoping these side-effects will be short lived and I will go on enjoying the amazing gift of fresh breath. I'm telling you, I thought NOTHING would ever work for me. I am really impressed and really grateful!!

    UPDATE - after using this stuff for awhile, the side-effects did not improve, and the irritation led to a lot of mucus production in my throat. That became as bad as the bad taste/bad breath, so like with everything else I've tried, this has not been a long-lasting solution for me. It's a bummer.
  • Patric J. Kelly - Sweat Problems SolvedI have had serious perspiration problems all of my life, especially, for some bizarre reason, on my left side. I have tried many solutions. I recently tried Sweat Block. Excellent product! I would recommend it to anyone. I do use an additional product on top of the Sweat Block. Dove for Men. So, I use the Sweat Block on Sunday night, then the Dove Medicated during the week. I will also use Certain Dri during the week. I literally do not have a sweat problem any more. It is SO nice to have this solved. You think it is a bit expensive? Compare that to the shirts you have to throw away. It is nothing compared to that.

    You might also want to consider SportSuds if you have clothes you can't get the sweat smell out of. I used to have that problem, too. Obviously, I don't use Sweat Block all over my torso. So, I get a bit wet there when I am golfing, or playing softball or other activities. I normally wear the wicking "dri" clothing. What used to happen was that I would wash the clothes, they smelled clean, but as soon as I put them on and I started sweating? Yuch.

    The SportsSuds product has 100% stopped that issue.

    So, there you have it. Two solutions to my sweating and smelling problem. Highly recommend both products.