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Country: North America, CA, Canada

City: Laval, Quebec

  • Amelia Pond - My baby loved this!Even before my son could bat at the hanging toys he was kicking away and checking himself out in the mirror. Then when he learned to move his arms and reach up for the toys he was batting them around like crazy. I still remember being so happy when he started unclenching his little baby fists and rolling the ball on the elephant and clanking the coins on the frog. This would keep him entertained for quite a while so I could finally eat something or just simply have my arms free from my very fussing baby for a bit. I would and have recommend this to friends and my friend's baby girl loves it too!
  • SuzieMac - Should've Bought This Years Ago! SO Worth It!!So funny to be asked to write a review on this today as I was just at the optometrist's office with my daughter and our doctor brought up how crazy it is with two little boys at home. I brought up the program and she had already heard of it. Her ears perked up and she had some serious interest in hearing more, so I told her the truth: I would pay double for the program, it is that good.

    We have a soon to be 18 year old living at home. He has one more year of high school. He was Dx'd with ODD and ADHD since kindergarten, plus a learning disorder. I almost thought we'd be getting this program too late, but we've turned around our situation within a few weeks! Some things turned around within a single DAY. We recommend that you stick with the program and get as much support as possible. Give it time, because it can take awhile for all the lessons to sink in.

    We have found the program to be useful just in general, meaning the lessons are applicable to the other adults in our lives, too. This program is cognitive behavioral therapy and WILL work if you do what they tell you to do/say. Talk therapy never did us any good around our house. This program is different and it works.

    Not only for "problem" children, we recommend the program as a preventative measure. It offers solid parenting skills from which everyone can benefit. I bet it would take "average" (non-problem) kids to become downright exceptional citizens.