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  • Hannah Lewis - Comfortably Numb :PI've been reading all of the reviews. And personally, I think I've gained just one thing. MUSIC IS A TOUCHY SUBJECT. Almost everyone can relate to music in some way, and because of that, that is why there are so many types of music. Personally, I couldn't care less for Bob Marley and all the reggae. But some of my friends worship that music. Diversity is the key.

    Pink Floyd is one of those bands that isn't, simply, just a band. Pink Floyd is a band that is also an inspiration. Now on here, you have reviews, which are ultimately opinions. Of course you're going to get your handful of `This Sucks' or `This Bites' or `Don't waste your money on this trash.' But to be honest? If that's all you are going to write, then don't waste your finger strength typing a review.

    This album is a very good example of diversity. It's pure rock. It's like when you heard your first Eagles song, or your first Beatles song. It's just like that. Once you hear it, you are addicted. You may grow out of it, it may be a phase.. But it also might not be. `The Wall' was like that, for me. I actually listened to the title track first. `The Wall' was such a weird song, I thought at first. I had downloaded it unknowingly, thinking it was a different song by a different artist. But I took the time and listened past the odd, flowing, and yet kind of unexplainable lyrics and sounds at the beginning. Then I realized that it wasn't just weird words. It was BEAUTIFUL<3.

    If you have ever heard an Electronica song (you know, the fast beats and repetitive, yet kind of cool noises with barely any words?) you know how it feels to be listening to sounds--and the few words that Electronica songs have-- and kind of be overwhelmed. I think one Amazonian said it best when he/she said `One listen just isn't enough'. Well, it's true. One listen isn't enough. My love for the band Pink Floyd started with `Against The Wall, Part 2'. I asked my dad, who of course, knows more about Classic Rock than anyone I know, told me it was `The Wall'. And of course, now that I know the real title, I'd say it's an easy mistake to make. But I searched for `The Wall' and ended up getting `The Wall', or, the title track. I love this album. As it would be old, and tiring, and repetitive to do paragraph after paragraph about the likes and dislikes of each song, like some people did in their reviews, I am not doing it. If you want to see what they are like, and see what you think of them, go right ahead, you'll see the nice little song list up farther on the page. It would be judgmental and selfish of me to give MY opinions of each song, and even more annoying if you'd listen to them. So since you are the one buying, listen to them yourself.

    I am , and I am a girl. So go ahead right now, tell me I don't know anything about music, tell me I'm SOOOO wrong. But really? It isn't what one thinks of the music that makes the review. It's what everyone thinks, compiled, and sorted so you can really make your own decision.
  • Michael Duke "rawkstar9" - Tremendous Gratitude for Transformative InformationI learned of this book from Truth Calkins, a remarkable guy that healed himself using Body Ecology Diet priniciples. He is truly insightful and can be seen on YouTube.

    The lifestyle changes recommended in the BED are not simply implemented by everyone. But with perserverence, the diet can truly transform your health, and therefore your life, for the better. It definately has for me. I work in a health food store and have recommended many of the BED principles to customers who have visited many doctors to no avail and are looking for something that really works. They not only feel the difference but express tremendous gratitude for this valuable information.

    I highly recommend this book to anyone who has ever taken a course of antibiotics, suffers from fatigue or lack of energy for no apparent reason, dark under-eye circles possibly due to adrenal problems, among many other symptoms.

    Additionally, I recommend David Webster's book, Achieve Maximum Health: Colon Flora the Missing Link in Immunity, Health & Longevity to anyone looking to dig deeper into establishing a healthy inner balance of microflora.

    Never stop searching, and have the best day ever. Cheers to achieving radiant health!
  • Tony Reynolds "KindleReader" - Great Entry Level Single Serve BrewerBeing widowed last spring, I recently I started looking at single-brew coffee makers because it didn't make sense to make a whole or even HALF a pot just for me, and Starbucks VIA, while okay to drink, is too expensive. I was skeptical at first, but I tried a cup in my doctor's waiting room (a B70) and was actually quite impressed.

    One week later I was searching for something for my daughter's wedding and after doing a LOT of research, ended up with the Keurig Mini Plus B31 from the Triple-B. I wanted something specifically for her where she could brew one cup in the morning for herself, as he's not a big coffee fan. Though many people have been having problems with the larger Keurig machines, reviews for the Mini are generally better. I've found out the reason is that the larger machines have a pump, and that's where the main failures arise. The B31 has no pump; I'm just guessing it uses a thermal-block heating mechanism...

    Upon further thought, I ended up getting one for myself and just brewed the first cup, using the Emile's Extra Bold. As a home-roaster, I have to say that the quality of the cup (10oz.) was very good. I prefer to use a French press, but wanted something more convenient for a quick cup during the week before my commute. I also wanted a smaller footprint on the countertop and don't mind pouring the water in for each cup. Not having a reservoir means no water to keep hot and the B31 shuts off after a minute and a half, so it saves energy. I can brew while I feed my dog, so the 2 minute cycle time doesn't bother me. I researched adapters like the My K-Cup and ended up with the eKobrew from a local source, that along with my home-roasted coffee yields a cup that is very close to that from a French press.

    Though Starbucks has recently released their Varismo, I simply cannot see spending $200 for their machine, plus the more expensive cost of their pods. If I want espresso, I have a nice pump-driven espresso machine.

    All in all, I think the B31 Mini Plus is a great addition for a small 1 to 2 person household. Now to find deals on cups!

    EDIT: 10.28.12 I've measure the temperature of the freshly-brewed K-Cups with an infrared thermometer and have not been able to measure anything over 147 degrees F. Keurig claims a brew temp of anout 190 degrees. I also measured the temp of a just-brewed eKobrew pod (opened and measured temp of grounds just after brewing) and still didn't see the claimed temp BUT, that said it would be almost impossible to measure the temp at the brew-head the way the machine is constructed and the coffee as brewed is PLENTY hot to drink, even after adding milk.

    I've been using this machine now for a week and would still highly recommend it for light use.

    1. Small
    2. Quiet
    3. Easy to use
    4. Economical
    5. Does just what it claims to do
  • SM-NM Catboy - Product Key with no CDFor those who don't always read the product description, this item is just a box with a card with the Product Key printed on it. There is no CD, so you would still have to download the actual software from the Microsoft website. While downloading from the website ensures that you would always get the latest version of the software, I still prefer having the CD.

    Now, to Office 2013 itself. I can't say there is much difference from Office 2007 or 2010. The new version claims that it also works with smartphones, tablets, and cloud. I have not tested this feature because if I ever need Office, most likely, I am already in front of my computer. As far as user experience goes, compared to Office 2003, Office 2013 is still as retarded as ever. I got used to it since Office 2007, so I won't take any stars off here.

    Overall, Office 2013 is a solid Office product. Would I recommend it? ... If you don't have any Office installed, then sure, why not? If you already have Office 2007 or 2010, then no, just stick to your current version.