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  • princess bookie "Cin" - The TestingMy Thoughts: I picked this novel up for the first time about 3 months ago. I read the first few pages on a road trip, and then I set the book down. I never did get back to it until now. Why in the heck did I wait to read it? I loved it!

    We are introduced to Cia who lives with her family. Her dad is great at growing things and it helps the community out a lot. The United States is basically set up in communities and everyone strives to make their community better and a good place to live. Some communities live in poverty, while others at least can eat.

    But the most valuable thing is getting chosen for The Testing. Nobody has gotten chosen from her little part of the world in years. She doesn't understand why her brother wasn't chosen last year, he's really smart.

    Well, this year Cia and a few others are chosen. Including a boy named Tomas. He and Cia have known each other most of their lives. They aren't really that close but they get along.

    Well, Cia gets chosen and gets taken to The Testing. Basically, each student will go through many tests. If they don't succeed there is a risk of dying. The last test they are all taken to Chicago and they have to make their way back to the place The Testing is held. Sound easy? You would think so, but with no cars, and not many supplies this is quite the task. People will die, people will fight, its hectic out there.

    Cia also realizes there is so much more to this process than she could have ever imagined. At times I was happy to see things progress with Tomas, but at other times I just wanted to cry for Cia. Very emotional time for me.

    I loved all the characters and getting to know their personalities. I loved how smart Cia is. She sees things others don't see. She's caring. She's nice. And, she's brave. I loved seeing all the tests even though they didn't all end too smoothly.

    The Testing was a wonderful debut and I can't wait to read more of this story! A lot of twists and turns I didn't see coming.

    Most of all, I liked Cia and Tomas together and I'm glad most of the story revolves around the two of them together.

    Overall: Loved it! Read it within a few days and enjoyed it so much. I loved the characters and the plot. I loved how everything was described pretty intently.

    I enjoyed the flow of the story and now I need to read the next one to see what happens!

    Cover: Like it! I like the colors.

    What I'd Give It: 5/5 Cupcakes
    Taken From Princess Bookie
  • Myah Hatch - Better than Sham Wow!!!!For years my son and daughter would almost fight to the death for the last banana. My husband would often encourage me to simply save the last one and cut it in half to divide between the two of them. My son always seemed to get the larger half, which has led my daughter to years of counseling for the neglect and abandonment that she felt over my favor of him. Ultimately, she got into drugs and ran with the wrong crowd, all because of non proportionate bandanna distribution. At the age of 13, she ended up Pregnant. This marvel of modern science could have prevented all of this in so many ways! If Lorena Bobbit had this neat little gadget, think of the time she could have saved! This single item could go as far as to replace Mace as a defense for women under assault. Makes for a wonderful Christmas tree ornament and automotive mirror decor as well. I also use it in a rush to floss all my teeth at once after I devour the bananna!