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  • Garrett Kowalewski - Durable, engaging - my 2 year old can use one effectively, and my 3 year old loves hers! Punishment is taken seriously now!My kids love these. My son could use his at just barely over 2 years old, and my daughter is 3. If you buy a game, show, etc. you get to sync it with multiple devices. These are durable too. My kids understand the concept of batteries and conserving energy, since a red screen warns you when the battery is low. It's educational, teaches them how to interact with computers/smart phone type devices and I am glad I got them. I was afraid that we were spoiling them getting our kids basically a game system, but the programs are educational and my daughter shows ME how to use it. I'm surprised at what she's learned. Tracing numbers, letters, counting, and a lot more. Good buy, and don't worry. It's not like getting them a cell phone at the age of 8. That would just be wrong. This is educational and entertaining.
  • KK - Great productI purchased Exposed after trying tons of other products to clear up my skin. Exposed was the only product that worked for me. It even worked better than a prescription medication a dermatologist prescribed to me. I was amazed by the results. For the first time in my life, I have clear skin and it's all thanks to the Exposed skin care line!
  • Margaret Dybala "too many books, too little time" - Well done!What can I say about such a product: Kaplan is famous for its test prep material, and this entry (this new edition) does not disappoint.

    While I think that earlier editions would serve, probably, just as well, there is no question that this is up to date. The CD-ROM was especially interesting.

    As most folks know, the LSAT doesn't test material already known, but rather the ability to approach problems. While most people who take the LSAT will probably be able to read passages and interpret them, I think the strength of these prep books lies in getting folks familiar with the games and logic. If you haven't had any experience with it, you are going to slow down.

    So I believe this was well done and very useful. Anyone prepping for the LSAT will be happy with this book.
  • Eric Chappell - Top Notch Beginner's BookMr. Gladfelter does an incredible job of satisfying the "No Experience Required" aspect of this book while at the same time covering the topics with a surprising level of depth. Although it is written in a way that enables virtually anybody to pick the book up and begin learning AutoCAD, it does not merely "skim the top" of AutoCAD but continues each topic's journey beyond the basics and into the more advanced concepts. This book is designed for someone completely new to AutoCAD and if read and worked through completely, it will turn that person into a solid AutoCAD user.
  • Renee - Dr. RecommendedThis product is necessary for those that have intestinal "issues". I have had Drs. recommend I use this and I have a severe intestinal issue. I saw a specialist at Temple University in PA and he has me taking it. There are other people in my life that have been told to take it also. Escpecially as we get old. It is not a laxative and not addictive. It's just healthy probiotics to keep things going.