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  • Z Hayes - A wonderful, magical readIt's little wonder that Kate DiCamillo's "Flora and Ulysses" has been long-listed for the 2013 National Book Award in Young People's Literature. It's a fantastic and magical tale of a squirrel, aptly named Ulysses, who morphs into a poet-superhero after an accident. Ulysses is joined on his adventure by mortal girl Flora Belle Buckman. The story is engaging not only because of the charming main characters but also because the story is infused with poetry, magical realism, and many other captivating elements that makes this DiCamillo's best work to date, in my humble opinion, and my 8.5-year-old agrees. We both spent the last couple of years reading anything put out by DiCamillo for kids such as the Mercy Watson series, The Tale of Despereaux, and more, but "Flora and Ulysses" is our mutual favorite by far.

    The story itself is a paean to classic superhero comics and the novel is also part graphic novel, with illustrations portraying important plot developments. The illustrations by K.G. Campbell not only enhance the text but provide readers with a great sense of pleasure derived from both an engaging storyline coupled with visually appealing graphics.
    The story focuses on poet-superhero squirrel Ulysses and human girl Flora, a ten-year-old who loves reading comics. Flora, with her short haircut and big glasses is a character young boys and girls will easily relate to. Her parents are divorced and as a result, Flora has to deal with an embittered mother while trying to make sense of it all. Flora can appear to be a bit jaded, but typical of children, there's this spark of hope that things will be OK.

    Lyrically-written, this is the sort of literature that I would love to see more of in public libraries, bookstores, and home collections. Highly recommended for those who prefer something out of the ordinary in the realm of children's literature.
  • SBryant - Worked for Me w/ Regular CyclesI was a little nervous to try this after reading that it had interrupted some women's already regular cycles. But my husband and I had been trying for 10 months with no luck. I took this for a month and got pregnant! I couldn't believe it! I did drink the tea for about 2 months prior with no luck, but one month of the pill form did the trick! I'm now 11 weeks pregnant :)