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  • Currahee - Kaspersky Internet Security 2012-3 UsersJust purchased this product several weeks ago and am very pleased with the performance. No annoying interruptions like I had with McAfee. My sister has had this product for over a year and she recommended it to me. She has had NO problems with it. She also had McAfee and greatly prefers Kaspersky to McAfee. Same as me!
  • Sam B. Polonsky - Best Product Ever for Disgestive SystemAfter 5 yrs & many doctors i finallyI was told to try Align and presto-magico it worked within a week. The best part of your website is the price! I have been paying $32 before-what a savings
  • Dennis & Janet - HS50 EXR. Probably the best camera I have ever owned!!!I was a dyed in the wool 35mm SLR owner for years. My preferred choice were Canon bodies, flash guns and lenses. Digital freed me from carrying round a suitcase and, as Fuji were a top film manufacturer, I went with them.

    They have gradually got better over the years and the HS50 EXR is their best yet.

    I have read other reviews here and wonder whether they are a review of the camera or a platform for the author to demonstrate their technical knowledge of digital photography. I don't want to hear whether the camera isn't tough enough to be used in a war zone or it does not succeed in competing with 4000-00 worth of digital kit. It's all irrelevant! The cameras strengths are as follows-

    1. It takes great pictures in a variety of conditions that are super sharp.
    2. It handles like a DSLR so requires no modification of long learned techniques.
    3. On auto it allows the user to concentrate on composition of the photo rather than the camera technology.
    4. In most instances no post production is required as the camera gets it right first time.
    5. It is as easy or as complicated to use as you would like.
    6. Check out the 1000mm zoom. Incredible!

    In short, if you want a great camera and are not supplying pictures to international advertising agencies, this is the one to get. If you just want to talk about cameras, specs, aberrations, flare, converging verticals and other irrelevant matters, go ahead and see if you can get anything like the same spec for under 4000-00.

    This camera is capable of capturing images of a quality that anyone would be proud of!

    Remember the David Bailey advertisement in the 70's re the Olympus Trip!

    It is not the camera but the photographer who makes the great pictures and the camera merely helps. If you don't believe me have a look on the net at some of the great images captured by this camera and you will see what I mean.

    And no! I have no connection with Fuji or any manufacturer or retailer.

    It's 350 quid. What have you got to lose?

    Buy and enjoy.

    I have!!!