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  • Elizabeth I. Knight-Smith - Align ProBiotics

    ProBiotics have been recomended by all of my doctors & this was the brand mentioned first. I've been taking them for about 6 months & would recomend them to everyone that wants to keep their health top notch. If you ever have to take AntiBiotics for an illness you should take these when you're done to put all the good guys back in your body.

  • Sage Yo - If you're serious, this works!

    I've been meaning to write a review for this product, because I know when I made the decision to buy it in August, I was very skeptical because of the mixed reviews. I will tell you honestly that this item works. It can be painful, bloody, and almost embarrassing, but it's worth it. I've had these large skin tags under my left arm for many years, affectionately called my "doo-doo stain" by my ex-boyfriend. I had them cut off when I was younger, but they grew back. I remember getting them cut off and it was a painful, scary experience that I did not want to repeat so I wanted to try something at home. The first application will not give you the instant results you're looking for, but keep at it! It'll burn and be tender. I literally caked the stuff on them, used a toothpick to surround the little part that connected to my skin with the meds. I wanted my skin tags off! I used a large gauze bandage to cover them during the day, people could tell my discomfort at work while moving my arm. Eventually some parts fell off, but I actually got frustrated and pulled a few of them off myself, but the medicine was already making them rot off anyways, I just quickened the process. The fact that I pulled them off myself may be the reasoning behind the brown scars left behind (along with little tiny bumps where the tags were), but I much rather the scar than those huge protruding skin tags! I used the entire tube, cut it open and dug what little was left out. It took about two weeks for the whole process to finish, but I am totally happy with the results. It was painful, but worth it to me. I plan on buying a second tube soon to maybe reapply to see if I can lessen the texture of the scar, and also apply on a few tiny tags that appeared under my other arm (darn you clothing that rubs my skin!).

  • Stork - Not a note out of place..

    There are very few records (yeah I still like to call them records)released in the last 30 years that are note for note perfect for the entire album. You know the ones where you don't feel the need to skip past a song or part or a song. This is one of them and Wish You Were Here is another one. Not sure why this album doesn't get the recognition The Wall gets but honestly I pull this one out more than that one. This is just brilliantly written, played, and produced, a genuine classic that still sounds as good today as it did on my 8 track player in '77.

  • Home Chef - A new lease on my life!

    I've known for years that I was gluten-intolerant and strictly avoided it. A friend of mine who is also gluten-intolerant with other problems (rice and corn etc) recommended this book to me and while I didn't seem to have any problems with other foods, I have been struggling with feeling tired all the time and sick and achey. Well, I have been on it now for almost a month and I am practically a new person. The first 2 weeks were a little rough, I really felt "wiped out" but I hung in there and at the beginning of the third week, I started feeling so good and having so much energy! I'm nearly 40 years old and I have never felt this good! On the sdc website is an explanation for the feeling tired, too long to post here, go read it, it's very interesting. Plus, I'd like to point out that the feeling bad at first is like the pain from a surgery. Ya know, the injury is one kind of pain, but the surgery pain is a "healing" pain, well that's the best way to describe the first two weeks on this, you feel bad, but it's not the same feeling bad that you get from eating something you shouldn't, at least it was for me. I also love all the recipes in the back of the book, they are just basic recipes, but tasty and I've already started redoing some of them to suit my own tastes. I also feed my whole family and have fed company some of the dishes and everyone has remarked on how healthy the food is and how good it tastes. I hope everyone who gets this has the great success that I am having. And also remember, this diet isn't for life, I intend to stay on it for a long time to make sure I am all the way healed, and I look forward to an occasional chocolate, but right now, NOTHING is worth risking messing up this wonderful wonderful feel good!

  • anggoingcrazy - You count on Norton

    I very much love this program. It extremely helps with email, stops all the unwanted viruses people are trying to send you. Also, It stops my son who is teenager going to unwanted places to get viruses! I know I can count on Norton every time.
    One problem when I first load up Facebook it does take a minute to load up.