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  • neechia - Great gameThe only thing about this game is you have to be online with battle-net to play. Depending on the amount of people online, the game can be choppy and your character is slow to respond. The graphics are out of this world. The "level-up" is different than the 2 previous Diablo's before them. I hope they come up with an expansion game that doesn't need battle-net to play. But, all in all-IT'S A GREAT GAME.
    Fast shipping and reasonable shipping charge.
  • C. Barbour "Tablet Girl" - Awesome toy!Why does anyone feel the need to write a two page review, when it can be summed up in just one word? Well, maybe three~ awesome, awesome, awesome! ! I had a Coby Kyros two years, and decided to upgrade. The technology has been so perfected, there is no comparison. I asked the question on this site about Flash, because I really wanted that, and was told by everyone that Android tablets DON'T have flash. I found out you CAN get a really nice app now called ~ Photon Flash & Browser for Android ~ but only on Google Store. Amazon apps doesn't carry it yet. I have been using it all day, and it seems to be working great. I like some things better on the browser too. So go out and get it, or better yet, order it from Amazon, ~ super fast, great price, free shipping, no tax, what more can I say? The price @ $299 is the best you can get. The new Tab 3 has all the same bells and whistles but costs lots more. I always check on "Amazon reviews" , and your reviews helped me decide to purchase this tablet. So I want to help others to enjoy this great Sammy.
  • Laurence Howe - Great value for your money!As a navigation instrument, this is great value for your money. My only grouse is that the lifetime updates is only for the map that is resident in the machine and not the map on the SD card. Having to buy a new SD card with the map of a country you are visiting that cannot be updated don't seem to make sense. Other than that, it's still one of the best GPS money can buy.