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  • Polli C. Oliver - Awesome Vision!This is an amazing book by an amazing woman! I am totally amazed by her incredible vision for the next step in the evolution of mankind and the necessary shift for our planet. Barbara Marx Hubbard has drawn many other like-minded visionaries into the circle of those who can take us by the hand and guide us gently through this shift. This is a greast book that comes at the perfect time.
  • Nathan A. Simpson "lead paint" - after hourswell i original bought this to speed up my searchers for porn but sadly i found

    that unless i run miles of cable it wont make a difference in speed. i did notice

    though low-res pics and movies are all as clear as HD now cause this cable is so

    wonderful. now to get to what matters. last Tuesday me and my 4x4 club were out

    muddin and charlie got buried deep and all 30 trucks had forgot there recovery

    straps....good thing i had this cable running back to my house to my laptop" speed

    was amazing being 40 miles from house. so i ran the extra out to his truck and gave

    him a yank..i might have hit 45 maybe 50mph before the slack was out the cable

    seemed to slip a little but over all it pulled hi, right out. another use not

    listed on here was how easy it cured cancer....yeah i said it. ive went to the

    doctors for 25 years now and when i went to doctors yesterday i still hadnt had

    cancer even though i thought i had caught it. and the only reason i would not

    recommend this item is the lack of wolves... totally lost my boner over it
  • P. Asche - Laughin, loving this.As I am also in that 6th decade and a great fan of Billy Crystal, this has been an engaging and rolling with laughter read. Poignant, sad, awkward, touching! Got this as a present for my husband, and I can't put it down. Love this!! Thanks Billy for bringing bits and pieces of our teens and twenties back to us and reminding us of those funny occasions we all experience.You are such an awesome national treasure. Love your wacky humor and sense of perspective. Now I will have to get the rest of your books!!
  • haze1982 - Love this gameI have had enough time to play the game for a good three hours or so and I absolutely love it. The graphics are fantastic, the story line is brilliant, and I love the way they meshed D2:LoD type sounds, familiar faces with the new characters that they have brought forth. You don't have to click like mad because your afraid you won't get a good drop. The crafting that you are allowed to do is a very awesome thing to bring to the Diablo world.
    So far I have made a Wizard and the spells that she is given is great. My WitchDoctor is equally amazing.
    I know that the servers are going down quite a bit but logically...You think that having so many people playing a brand new game all at the same time isn't going to cause some issues? Sorry, but there are going to be some glitches. Blizzard hasn't let me down yet and I'm sure they are working hard to get everything fixed for us now just as they've worked all these years to bring us this fantastic addition to Diablo.