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  • Jeni Sullivan - Callaway Hyperlite 2011I was surprised to recieve the Callaway bag so quickly, which kinda ruined the christmas present for my husband...but he loves the bag all the same. Apparently, he'd been going back and forth about getting a new bag for months and he had been looking at the Callaway Hyperlite for his new Callaway Diablo clubs. I was excited to see that I too had good taste in what bag to get. Since he had a yellow bag before, he was going to get the yellow/white bag, I had ordered the Charcoal/Black/White/Red to match his clubs. He said that it looked sharp and he really really liked it. So, I'm not complaining one bit. However, it did kind of stink that it was a pre-thanksgiving present instead of the complete christmas present with a new driver AND bag. Lol.

    We are satisfied with the 2011 Callaway Hyperlite 4.0, it's incredibly light and has lots of storage. The storage compartments have PLENTY of room for all the little gadgets and gizmos a golfer would need on the course, it's perfect. Trust me!

    The Golf Warehouse was quick to answer a question I had when I called them and I was VERY pleased with their shipping. Just fyi. :) Thank you for everything...and Happy Holidays to anyone reading this review.
  • Charles - Depend on itThis stuff really works for me. I think my gut-bugs were wiped out by too many anti-biotics taken one on top of the other over a year's time fighting various ailments. In desperation after several ineffective prescription drugs I tried this and it worked for me. Hooray! But every time I try to cease taking it, my prior stomach/intestine ailments return. My doctor said if it works for you stay with it. Fine for him to say, he isn't paying for it! My main complaint is it isn't cheap enough to be an effective maintenance drug or remedy.
  • K. Moreland - My Son Loves It!I just want to start by saying, BUY the rechargable battery pack!!! You will spend the 30-35$ on batteries within the first few weeks. I read reviews for months before I decided to purchase this for my sons 3rd birthday on May 14th and most said the LeapPad2 eat batteries, I was thinking, okay I'll have to get new batteries every week or two, I can live with that. NO! I was so wrong. My son played with it from about 5-8 that evening and maybe made it to 6:30 the next evening and the same thing happened Thursday and Friday evenings with new batteries. Needless to say, Wednesday evening I order the rechargable battery pack (which I got that Friday evening). I just could not believe how fast it ATE batteries!!!
    I initally decided to purchase the LeapPad2 to keep my sons 3 year old hands off my husbands and my's new cell phones and for our long vacation trip we are about to take (a 9 hour drive to Myrtle Beach) to keep him entertained. He has barely bothered our phones (occassionally he will pick up one if he catches it unsupervised and will snap a couple self portraits, which he now LOVES to do with his LeapPad2!) since he's got this and I think it will immensely help with the car ride in a few days.
    With all that being said, I am very pleased with the LeapPad2. I only downloaded 3 additional apps besides the handful it came with, for one, they're expensive (I think, and which I was aware of before purchasing the Pad2) and my son is only 3, he doesn't need a bunch of apps right now. I feel he just needs to work with the few and when he's "mastered" those then I will change out some apps. The one "free" app that you get is the "Letter Factory", now my son already knows his ABCs, 123s, shape, colors, etc, but this app is helping him learn his letter sounds. He now walks around the house saying '"C" makes the sound "ca, ca, ca" like in "cold"' and he loves it! And I love that he's learning and having fun at it and doesn't realize it. All in all I would recommend this product to anyone.
    Oh and one final note, I don't know if my kid is just rough still (he will purposely drop it on the floor, he's a crazy thing) or what, but it seems to be holding up just fine to his 3 year old ways, but we're only 2 weeks into ownership, so we'll see.
  • John R. Hogan - Great productIn my opinion Norton Internet Security is the best full-featured security product available to consumers at a decent price. The old Norton products used to bog down your system - but that changed several years ago. It now has a very small footprint in the use of your precious processor and memory usage. The 'Flash Updates' keep it up-to-date several times a day without huge downloads as used to be the case. It just works - and works very well!
  • Helen Slomovits - very helpful bookEsther's book is excellent in every way in helping one understand the basics of good posture.The cross-cultural photographs are fascinating and one's body can "feel" the rightness of thses natural ways of sitting, standing, walking that are almost completely lost in our culture. The instructions in the book are excellent and complete, and I was able to use the book to start making powerful changes.

    Esther is also an excellent teacher in person and by webcast if you ever get a chance - don't pass it up!