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  • H. S. Seow - Setting the right mindsetThis book has definitely given me insight on how the job market works. As a college graduate, it is definitely important to have a good overview of what to expect during the job-hunting process. Bolles' book has provided me with tools that will be useful in when searching for my career. Most importantly, it also puts me in the right mindset- not finding a job for the sake of finding a job but to dare go for what I am passionate about and believe that things will fall into place after that.

    A highly recommended book for job-hunters!
  • Dr. Patrick J. Delamere - Excellent- For everybodyTime urgent for this generation of excessive medication users.A clear and easy way to improve your health. I read this book the day I received it, then ordered 5 more, for each of my children. It should be in every home, as a reference for continual study.
    Col Patrick J. Delamere,D.C.
  • Jennifer S. Szaro "PV wizard" - Easy to use and sturdyWe purchased this for our 5 month old son. He's a little big for his age at around 18 lbs, but he fit well in the seat and really seemed to enjoy being at the table with the rest of the family. The chair fastens easily to the table and seems very sturdy. My husband kept a chair underneath it for the first week or so because he didn't trust it at first, but it never budged. This is perfect if you don't want to use up space with a high chair and is really great for restaurants. He is our third son, so trying to get a table for 5 can be a challenge sometimes and this allows us to fit easily into a table of 4. The material seems to wipe off somewhat easily, but I strongly recommend using a mat with it and a large bib to cover the front. The legs fold easily under to make it less cumbersome to carry around with you. Fits under our stroller.
  • Carol - X hose expandable garden hoseI bought two and put them together with a sprinkler head to make 100 feet. it runs the sprinkler just fine! I do think the hose shrinks a little so I may not be getting the full 50 feet for each hose but I have allowed for that. I don't know about the durability yet but after reading the other comments I will try to be careful with it. and I plan on draining it and storing it in the house after using it. it is so light that it is not a problem. so far I am extremely happy with it.