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  • PinkAng "PinkAng" - Best Blister Preventer! LOVE these!If you're prone to toe blisters when you walk long distances, these liners paired up with a good pair regular socks are a MUST! I'm training for the 3Day Breast Cancer Walk, so I walk up to 18 miles during training and these are perfect. Without these liners, I was always getting blisters. My feet are so, so much happier!
  • T.A. - Lipozene and Chili-Dogs don't mix!I have been taking Lipozene for 3 days now and here are my thoughts.
    1: It does what it's supposed to do. It makes you feel fuller faster and crave snacks less.
    2: It makes you want to change your eating habits. I find myself wanting smaller portions and not having seconds.
    3: If you try to eat like you always have YOU WILL PAY! I took the 2 pills then ate 2 chili-dogs. I soon spent about 45 minutes on the toilet. It does not like over-eating.
    4: There have been no adverse side effects. I am not shaky, wired, restless, overly thirsty, bloated or tired. I feel the same as I always have, just eat less and am drinking more water.
    5: I am losing weight!
    Hope this helps!
  • Gordon B. West "Gw" - Very simple save the planetVery easy to use. Just go to the web site on the card, enter the key from the card and it does the rest. Super simple and it must be helping the greenhouse effect by only having a tiny bit of paper instead of manuals, dvds, boxes, etc. Oh, in case you are wondering, all you get is a credit card sized piece of paper. Awsome.
  • Joan Burton - So far so good...I have been using this for about two weeks and it has really helped. I am 52 and have been going through menopause for over ten years. Bloating and stomach issues are not only a problem with age but it's a symptom of menopause. I wish I would have tried this a long time ago. I rather take a capsule then buying a ton of probiotic yogurt. This is cheaper and easier. I highly recommend and will buy again.