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  • Ed Luhrs - First the 900, Now ThisI wrote about this phone on one of my blogs, but let me add some words here, since I reviewed the 900 months ago. First, the 920 fits fine in a jean or pants pocket. It is not too heavy or big. It is sturdy. My friend got the 928, which is lighter and looks nice. Another friend is getting the 1020. I almost guarantee I'll never meet anyone with a 925, though it is gorgeous. All these models are Nokia and all great. All in all the 920 really feels like a 900 with a much nicer screen and camera. The camera and video both live up to the hype. The DEDICATED CAMERA BUTTON is one of the things that make Windows Phone great. I'm just writing this for those combing through online opinions before making a decision. You should be commended. Most people let phone salesman rope them into getting a Samsung. Android is great. I'm not taking sides here. All I am saying is if you are reading reviews, take the next step. Get someone to show you a plugged in model at a store. Use the info you've gained from research and start poking at buttons. Take it from there. Whatever you do, tell the phone salesman to walk away if they begin to annoy you. So often it is that they know very little, yet have so much to say.

    I should probably say a few more things about why I give the 920 five stars. The main reason is Nokia. I dig the design language of Windows Phone immensely, but it is quirky and still has faults and little inconveniences. I knew that and decided 100% to stick with it. More reasons: Office/Skydrive integration (I use this all the time for my work at a community college and for poetry readings); really nice map/HERE Drive+ GPS integration (even easier if you download a shortcut to the vanilla Bing map interface in the Store); great battery life once you tweak settings; smooth running efficient OS; live tiles and calendar are cool; once again, DEDICATED CAMERA BUTTON; pretty tile colors... listen, I just like the thing. I'll stop, but just one more point - the way Bing, maps, local search, audio search, barcode search, and song search are all integrated is astounding. You can even use the camera to translate things. If you get the phone, learn how to do all that stuff.
  • R. Knight "megacalm" - Rescued on KDLinks!Picture this: your on vacation, you get into your cabin, you get out the blu-ray player with all its fancy apps, your significant wants to watch Revenge, and there's a television...but with no HDMI input. That means no Netflix, no file playing, etc. So you need a media player, specifically one with these requirements:

    - handle external drive with file support
    - control on/off subtitles embedded in files
    - analog output to older televisions
    - access to online content

    After pouring through review after review I settled on KDLinks A100. After upgrading the firmware, this is what I found how it meet those needs and more.

    First, it handled external drive support perfectly. Plug the drive into one of the usb ports (there's two) and it is recognized right away. If you want to play the most media files, install VPlayer especially if you want too turn on or shut off subtitles embedded in your files (Roku won't do that and neither will WD players in most cases).

    KDLinks A100 solved the older television problem by outputting to older analog sets. At the same time there is HDMI support so your covered there too.

    As you can access Google Play, there is a ton of content that can be downloaded to this player. Whatever can be played on your Android phone or tablet can be accessed by remote control on the big screen. Netflix, music stations, Christian talk, its all there.

    So how do you make that work? A number of ways. First, you can use the remote control by clicking through content on the screen or if that's tricky, a button on the remote brings up a mouse pointer. Came in handy many times.

    Or, use that free USB port to plug in a mouse, or an external keyboard. And get this, use the nav tabs on the keyboard, and the pointer automatically comes up.

    Another cool feature:

    Looks like a router? The KDLinks A100 is also a router! My cabin didn't have wireless internet, but plug Ethernet into this, set it to Internet Sharing, and you have your wireless internet without dragging around another accessory.

    Last, what about service? KDLinks answers their emails pronto, and go out of their way to make sure you are helped and satisfied with the results.

    So, lots of pros, any cons? That's obvious, but its not a real one: this is not just a digital media player, its an Android computer, so expect to do some tinkering. However, that's also why its so cool, surf the net, answer email, play media, etc, its all here on the big screen without the big price.

    Maybe you'd rather do less tinkering. In that case I suggest the Netgear NeoTV Max Streaming Player NTV300Max. Also does the main things I was looking for, but nothing more. It also seems it has a very low rating on Amazon, whereas this player has a higher average. So you pay more and get more is the usual case

    So we got to watch Revenge and I got into the world of Android in a big way with this player. Give it a try and get ready for fun!
  • Mommy of 2 - love this!Positive: I've been taking this for 3/4 weeks. I used to crave sugar and now I don't. I can pass on dessert and don't feel like I am missing out on anything. I take it 30 minutes before eating like Dr. Oz said, not the 2 hours the bottle suggests. I don't feel shaky because there is no stimulate in it. I stay full for several hours and I feel good. I don't feel the ups an downs with blood sugar that I felt before. I have lost some weight,:) clothes are fitting a little better. I plan to continue to take these for at least a few months.

    Negative: I sometime burp up a funny taste but that is better when taking it only 30 minutes before eating and not the tow hours.
  • pwrplayg0al - Love this pillowI was in a constant search of the "perfect" pillow for YEARS. I did a lot of reading of reviews about this pillow before i actually purchased, and I must say I was hesitant about the $100.00 bucks to lay out after reading most of them. I went with my gut though & purchased this AMAZING pillow. It came quickly in the mail & it DID NOT SMELL like chemical it DID NOT make NOISE while you slept and it DID NOT make your head HOT. I am a very light sleeper and if this pillow was noisy I wouldn't be able to sleep, if it smelled like chemical it would trigger a migraine, if it was hot well who could sleep? What I needed from a pillow is soft comfortable support! what I got from this pillow is soft comfortable support it was a WIN / WIN situation. if you are on the fence to spend the $$ - think about all the pillows you spend tons of $$ over just one year or will spend and are not satisfied - I'm happy I bought it, I'm happy I'm not searching anymore. PLUS its washable and will keep its shape!
  • J. Dito - okay by me or WOWI did a bit of research before I bought this hose. I have a subscription to a magazine that reviews and advises on these sorts of products. They said they had given it a try and were very impressed with it. I bought my hose, here on Amazon, and a couple days later it arrived. I took it outside and hooked it up. WOW. Just as advertised and just as my bit of research had told me. It was a WOW. I am disabled with some severe, and very painfull back problems. When I go shopping for something I need I always am aware of how the product will effect me. This garden hose most cetainly fits into that category. No more dragging a heavy hose around, and trying to fix kink after kink. This hose truly weighs just about nothing. There is no effort getting the hose where I would like it to be. And, WOW, no kinks. This hose has taken the pain out of watering for me. Truly an important consideration for any disabled person, who would still like to do some of their own garden work. Since I bought my hose, I have now bought another for a friend, and I know they will be as happy as I am with this tool. I will stop now, but know I could go on and on about the gift this hose is for me, and I am sure many others. The choice was mine and I made that choice and went for the hose. I hope I may have helped others make the choice, in particular those who may have some physical problems. One other thing to be said which is important for anyone who may have a problem, and this is putting this hose away after use. I hold it from one end and walk along the hose, and all the water that is left comes out easily. I then wind it up and put it a small bucket with the nozzle I use. It is now ready to be taken out the next time I go to use it. As for care with my hose, I do not leave it outsie,I bring it in and put it beside the door so it is reasy to go again. For anyone who chooses to buy, I hope you enjoy your hose as much as I enjoy mine.