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  • thedoctor8706 - Good Edition (So Far): A Cleaned Up 2012 EditionHaving just begun preparing for Step I (May 29 is the day!), I eagerly picked up the newest copy of First Aid. And by newest copy, I'm referring to the actual physical text, not the Kindle version. I've been working with the 2012 edition, but picked up the 2013 edition as I plan on doing Doctor's In Training 2013, and they require the most up-to-date text. I haven't read the book through in earnest yet, but from my quick skimmings, what I have noticed is that most of the content is very similar to the 2012 edition, except that the HUGE list of errata from the 2012 edition has been corrected. Other than that, you'll find a few picture tweaks here and there, but nothing major. I did notice the cover is made of a newer material this year, which is much hardier than previous editions, not to mention more "spill-proof."

    I have since had the binding from my copy removed and the text 3-hole punched, and was relieved to find that a typical 3-hole punch will not punch out any words or graphics. Now my edition is in a nice binder, ready for annotation and adding of other material as I see fit.

    If I come across any huge errors or problems with this text, I'll update my review, but as for now, I'm pleased with the updates they've made.

    EDIT: I have noticed some errors as I have gone into my devoted Step I study period, but they are still much less than that of the 2012 edition. I still like the small changes they made (like incorporating embryology into each section rather than give it its own chapter) and think this is one of the better releases! Check First-Aid's website for a most up-to-date list of 2013 errata.
  • SilviaBC - I'm amazedI bought this product for my daughter who has tried every otc and prescription antiperspirant. When googling botox treatments and surgery, I came across sweat block and decided to order it. My daughter was skeptical but decided to give it a try. After 2 weeks she thought it might work (did not sound very encouraging) but a few weeks later asked if I could order more because it worked. What a relief!
  • Michelle L. Long "QB Consultant" - Love the new updated look of QuickBooks 2013 and the ribbon toolbar!With the R4 update, you can add color to the top icon bar (my video shows how to turn on the color -- search for it on YouTube - MichelleLongCPA to find it). I really like the new ribbons on the transactions. Overall I think the updated look is more modern. Now when I use an older year of QuickBooks, I realize how much I like the look and feel of QB 2013. Things are easy to see and read with larger fonts, etc. You can click on the 'maximize' button to see a transaction full screen.

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  • Ellen E. Kennedy "Miss Prentice" - I Love MitfordJan Karon's Mitford series is what I re-read when I need my morale refreshed. (Those who find it saccharine are far too cynical for my taste.) Mitford is populated by people we all know and some we wish we knew. Father Tim is all too human, filled with insecurities, but nourished constantly by his relationship with God. It it well worth the trip through the North Carolina mountains to visit Mitford. These are the kinds of books I wish wouldn't end. Thank you, Jan Karon.