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  • AsH "AsH" - Finally a step toward the right directionAs a PES (Winning 11) fan since 99 and a very pissed Konami customer in the last couple of years, I am very happy and pleased this year. This PES by far better than any other PES on the current game console generations..

    + The graphics is revamped and stunning, beautiful.. (still some minor animations issues can be seen but you will not notice them)

    + The attack feels solid, passing is improved.

    + Team AI is unbelievably better than last year.

    + The defence system is changed than last year but it feels better (Still you have to redo the learning curve which might upset some customers.)

    - Same cheesy menus/ soundtrack --> who care about the menus/ sound track!!!!!

    - Some licence are missing .. this might be bad for those team fans.

    In my opinion even this is not the most polished game but it is the most solid authentic football (soccer) game..
  • Love2Read - Works Great!I have tried everything including men's anti-perspirant and prescription anti-perspirant to help excess sweating and nothing has helped, but I have not had a problem since I have tried this product! I hope it continues to work. So far I love the results!
  • Rohit Das - A really good guide for job huntingHighly recommended!
    I was reluctant to use a "book" as a career guide. But after my Professor recommended this book, I bought it. The first few hours with the book itself gave me a whole new look at job search. My frustration dropped and I realized there was so much more I could try rather than just uploading resume to online job sites.
    I would say that the book is targeted towards more mature audience, and almost 30% of it is not really applicable to a fresh graduating student. Still the content covered in the other 70% is definitely worth reading.
    Many sentences are repeated again and again, which is annoying at times, but maybe required to get the point across. I would definitely read this book again every year, but preferably if there is a refresher edition which is more concise.
  • Sigma06 - AWESOME!!!WONDERFUL READ! I thought book was slightly interesting when I entered to win a "giveaway" but the to speak... was on me! I could not put The Perfume Collector" down! Yes you figure out early on Grace's true identity but Tessaro takes you on a great journey with intriguing twists and turns."Period pieces"....what I call them... or historical fiction have on occasion lost me or failed to transport me so that I could truly enjoy the story....the Perfume Collector is not one of them. IT is beautifully written. At times I thought maybe I could smell the fragrances Tessaro described! I was very please to be a First Reads winner.