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  • RainbowEyes - Fixed my PH problemI moved to an are with a different climate, and shortly after I began having PH issues. I would get mild yeast infections just from wearing pants doing daily activities. I tried all the tricks in the book (even dietary ones, short of expensive specialized probiotics) and when I was recovering from them I had to wear long skirts all the time or it would get worse. The vaginal creams bordered on too harsh and home remedies weren't strong enough. One night out wearing any kind of tights and I had a full blown yeast infection the next day. It was ridiculous.

    While looking into said expensive specialized probiotics, I saw this on the shelf. I figured, well, what the heck- I'll give it a go. I have not had a yeast infection since! Sometimes I'll come home from a night out wearing tights, yoga pants, or other tight clothing, and I'll slightly itchy, like something wanting to start up. I'll hop in the shower and wash really quick before bed, and there's not a problem!

    I admit I'm kind of shy about having feminine wash, so I just took the label off. When I got on vacation I'll put this in a 3oz empty travel bottle and take it with me. People just think it's regular body wash. I just use a tiny bit (dime to nickle size dollops) and wash with my hand (as loofah and washcloths often carry a lot of bacteria, which matters in this sensitive area).

    It's not scented, but that doesn't mean it does not have a scent of it's own. Scent blocking chemicals are almost as bad as scent ones for your health anyhow. It smells the way it smells- a very light smell at that- but honestly that is never an issue for me. I wish they would take the dye out (slight blue tint to it) since it's meant for sensitive skin, as that is an issue with some people.

    It does not deodorize- if you want that you will need to look for a different product. Lasts a LONG time! I've had this bottle for about 8 months and there's still 1/4 of the bottle left. I'll be buying more when I run out!
  • A. Tanguay - I honestly may owe my life to this book.As the title of the review says...I may owe my life to this book. I say that without hyperbole or exaggeration. I was not doing well when I found this book and followed it's advice...I improved.

    Years ago I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, or UC for short. The disease is unmerciful, embarrassing, and potentially deadly. Especially for a person who doesn't see the doctor much, and waits 'a little longer for things to improve'. By the time I was in the hospital, I was many pints low on blood and on death's door frankly.
    The doctors diagnosed me, gave me a transfusion, and sent me home with a battery of drugs. One of them was the steroid Prednisone. I had an incredibly bad reaction to this drug.

    I continued to take the massive amounts of other drugs the doctors had prescribed for me, but did not improve. Within two months I was back in the hospital, anemic and sick. While in the hospital, a teaching doctor and a group of students came by. This doctor insinuated that whatever happened to me would be my own fault since I wasn't taking all the drugs they prescribed. I found it ironic that he was insinuating that I might die because I wasn't taking the drugs that made me want to kill myself...but I digress.

    While in the hospital I asked doctors what I should and shouldn't be eating. They had no real thoughts on the subject. I'm no doctor, but even *I* thought that there's no way that what you put in this system wouldn't affect it. I went home after this stay and found this book.

    I'm not trying to jump on the anti-established medicine bandwagon, but I immediately started to turn around. I quit the drugs I was prescribed and I followed what the book advised, ate what it recommended and began to improve. It took some time but eventually I was completely symptom free. I now eat what I want...which maybe isn't always the best thing...but now it's my choice.

    That said, I'm sure your results may vary. All I can attest to is my own experience. And frankly, in this instance, I was completely failed by the traditional medical community, and saved by this 'alternative' treatment.

    Thank you Elaine Gloria Gottschall.
  • Rebecca J. Hulit "Huli-toons" - Personal Growth Identity vs Hive Type gamingI never have had any interest in electronic games (or any game at all) until Spore was announced. I was among the first to get the Creature Creator. I was very eager to engage in this game because it initially appeared to incorporate the idea of beginning then growing and becoming better, smarter and stronger AND unique. I have had a lot of fun playing this game so far and am now a tribe. I am, however, feeling a little discomfited by this leap. I haven't started really playing as a tribe, just gathering food and stuff very briefly. I guess what's sort of bothering me is that it `feels' less intimate now.

    What I liked originally is that it was an individual's exploration of self and his/her surroundings and relating to, helping and even trying to protect others who were also learning. The individuals were vitally important.

    In a tribe it's different. The individual becomes a dispensable drone. Individual growth and identity are no longer important and seem to stop at this point. It's the mass `Hive' that supersedes; individuals have now lost their own kind of `identity' and are a class labeled cog of a huge conglomerate.

    So, it seems to me that there are really only two parts to this game...(1) individual evolution of self and surrounding environment (which appears to be only a brief introduction), and then (2) the rest of the game which seems more like any other game. For many I suspect, this is the point of the game that may most intrigue them, like any other game that began with one where points of light could be bat across a line between them that was called `ping-pong', only now the graphics are better and you can take the ball farther.

    In this I am disappointed because I know I'll not take the game any further.
  • Roy E. Carter - Expensive, but worth it.I usually keep the Tam 26-75mm on my cam, but since getting the 10-22, the Tam is gathering dust. At 22mm the lens gives a normal perspective, you just gotta get a lot closer to the subject than you would with a normal range zoom. As you go wide, you also find you have to get closer to what you are shooting than you are used to. Once you figure out how placing the horizon affects the pic, you can be at 10mm and really not get much distortion; or how to use the distortion effect to get that cool wide angle look. You don't need a hood (not really sure how you would keep it out of the scene and have it blocking light anyway), you have to work to make it flare. I don't see any CA in normal full screen viewing. Deep rich color, sharp. When I first popped it on my cam I thought it was defective because I could see "stuff" in the viewfinder; turned out the lens was resolving the dust on the mirror. Did loads of research on the Sigma and Tam (the 22-75mm f2.8 is a real good lens also), I really don't see how you could do better than this lens, and yes, you pay for it. I read one review that consisted of "just buy it", pretty much sums it up.
  • Nan-a - Excellent readEven knowing how the story ends (with Anne Boleyn losing her head) I couldn't put this book down. It was a much easier read than "Wolf Hall", but I'm glad I read that one first, to feel comfortable with Hilary Mantel's writing style. I would recommend these books to anyone who loves quality historical fiction.