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  • Ashuri Chan - Contrary to popular review belief....I actually liked this book and I am so glad i don't buy a product based solely on the reviews or otherwise I would have missed out on a great book and I am glad the author decided to tell Gabe's story first.

    I brought this book yesterday and just finished today! Could not put it down at all! I love how Mia was an independent and opinionated woman who, like Gabe had through his thought, wasn't meek and mousy.

    I do wish that Jace and Ash were in the story a bit more but it seem they were only in certain because it was convenient or something.

    But over all I enjoyed this book! I don't know if I am going to read Ash and Jace's stories in the next two books because Gabe to me was the most interesting out of the three and since Ash and Jace both shared women, the next two books are just going to be the same plot of how they just want to not share a certain girl. Kind of boring. I think this one was more interesting because it wasn't just some random girl, it was Jace's sister Mia, someone they all knew, not some random girl at the grand opening. He saw her grow up and liked her since then. That's what made it interesting to me. And the next two books are just gonna be random women....-sigh-
  • soothesayer "soothesayer" - Great reader and online tablet!I got this for my husband as a gift and he loooooves it. First of all, my husband is not a big internet nut. He doesn't generally do much cybershopping or phishing around, but once he got this convenient tablet he couldn't help himself and has had a blast watching films, surfing the internet, and reading his kindle books. The colors are extraordinary on this tablet! My friend has a Nook, and the colors on the Nook don't even compare to the Kindle Fire in intensity and brilliance. The anti-glare screen is an additional plus and something well worth having at your fingertips. I highly recommend this reader due to its many user-friendly qualities and outstanding HD picture.
  • Sandra Fournier - Beautiful NovelThis is a lush novel that captures the reader's senses, and it is the senses that matter in this lovely read. Although one's sense of smell is at the forefront of the story, all of one's senses are engaged. The reader wonders how much of the story is actually true as it blends fact with fiction in a seamless manner. One will never look at scent in the same way again....and, a woman will gain an absolute understanding of the importance of any perfume she chooses to wear. Outstanding!
  • nelle684 - Not a scam. Actually Useful.I've been reading the reviews on here and so many are calling it a "scam". They claim that it's a scam because you can find these shows on your own, but they totally discredit Rabbit TV's value as a GUIDE. What did you expect for $10? The same thing you get with cable? If so, it's time to come back to the real world.
  • A.Trendl "What should ... - First Book To Buy for Job Hunting"What Color Is Your Parachute" is the first book you need if finding a job is your goal. If you've not bought this yet, you haven't started looking. It is that good.

    Richard Bolles is the expert. His books sell because they are fresh each year with insight, purpose and ideas for determining what job you should do, and how to get it.

    I used "Parachute" to get my first job. It continues to influence me today, as I keep my eyes open for a possible career change. As I have trandsitioned from nonprofits to corporate work, to freelance/consulting to looking again at nonprofits, I take what Bolles' teaches into each situation. He helps balance out reality. No smoke and mirrors, but encouraging and candid exhortation.

    Thoroughly practical, Bolles asks you questions about your mission in life. His belief is that just getting a job (any job) -- even ones you are good at -- won't be a wise decision in the long haul. He helps you see your passions mixed with skills and experience, and guides you to getting there. Though it is hardly a self-help book, it is far more useful than the ones clogging up the Top 10 list.

    He keeps you accountable. Finding a job is your job if that's what you say you want. And if you aren't working, he won't let you make excuses -- you've got the time. Either you are looking or you aren't. Dr. Phil could take a note from Bolles' direct yet congenial style.

    Bolles has kept current, with a significant look at the internet, starting your own business, dealing with the tempestuous employment marketplace, working in an unpleasant situation, and more.

    Don't bother with the hardcover. You need the paperback. This is not a sit-on-the-shelf book, but a get-down-to-business book, and you'll appreciate the flexibility while at work or on the train.

    I fully recommend, "What Color Is Your Parachute" by Richard Nelson Bolles.

    Anthony Trendl