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  • Sandy Powell - A wonderful book

    I read this book to learn what was inside of Elizabeth's mind during those 9 months of being tortured. The rape aside, just dealing with twisted mind of this horrid human who tried to control everyone he came in contact with, was a feat. I don't doubt for a moment that Elizabeth felt the very things she wrote about. I know that because of her example many other people will become strong or stronger. I did pray for her and cried with her family when she was taken and returned. I also cried today when I finished this book. My heart goes out to this sweet woman and that sweet innocent girl she once was. Much love and respect to her.

  • Mark - Worked 1st Month!!

    Me and my GF were attempting to perceive for approx 6 months. After many months of negatives results we scoured the internet in search of a all natural fertility booster. We quickly found FertilAid, of course skeptical about what we put into our bodies, we did our research. After we agreed we would give it a try, we ordered Fertilaid for Woman, and Fertilaid for Men.

    As well her period at the time was very irregular. She was on the DEPO birth control shot for around 2 years. Her last shot was July of 2012. After researching, we found that regularly it would take 12-18 months to fully leave the body. But, We figured even if she didn't become pregnant, the very least her periods would be regulated.

    We began to take the (giant) capsules the day after, the last day of my GF's menstrual cycle.

    So, anyways, We began the capsules September 16th, 2013. We took the recommended 3 pills daily.
    She was due for her menstrual cycle on October 9th. It didn't happen that day, although we were used to that due to irregular periods timing. On October 12th we went out and bought a pregnancy test. SHOCKED when it came out POSITIVE! It was unbelievable. No, really. We didn't believe it, so we went out and bought another one. And again, POSITIVE.
    Were still in shock as of today!

    I can honestly say we believe these products worked! No doubt! Just buy it already! You won't be disappointed.

    Giant capsules, they get lodged in your throat. If you have trouble swallowing pills, you may choose to pop open the capsules.

    But, don't let that stop you!

  • Susan Watobe "Geek, reader, homeschooler" - Recommended for the Office

    A Page a Day calendar is one of the things I look forward to getting every year because we share it around the office. We've only just started on this one (it's February) but it's been fun so far. The categories of knowledge are so varied that everyone gets a chance to be the one to 'get it'. We've been surprised by how often it's stumped all of us and we've had to look at the answer.

  • Leaf in the Wind - Finally Relief!

    I have been having digestive issues stemming from an ulcer I developed back in October, 2011. The ulcer finally healed, but I still was experiencing side pain and irregularity with my digestion. I have been healthy my whole life and had never had any issues like this (no IBS, no food allergies, nothing).

    I had been to countless visits to the doctor and gastroenterologist and finally in exasperation saw the TV commercial for this product and decided to give it a try.

    All I can say is WOW. Literally within 3 days of taking this pill daily in the morning, all my issues have been resolved. I am feeling good and back to myself again after nearly a year of pain and discomfort. These pills really work and I have never written a review on Amazon like this before, but because I am so amazed at this product, I wanted to make sure others knew about it.

    This stuff really works.

  • Zman "Zman" - Horrifying breakdown of our justice system

    Zeitoun is a book that will make readers angry. We think that incidents like this can't happen in America, but they did in New Orleans seven years ago. I found it disturbing that I knew so little of what really happened in the aftermath of Katrina and how so many innocent victims were caught up in a complete breakdown in our justice system. The book is well written and an absorbing read. You come to identify with the Zeitoun family and their quest of the American dream. At the same time you are confronted with the inherent racism in the United States not just toward people of color but of people of a faith different from Christians. Toward the end it is difficult to believe of the total breakdown of government at the local, state, and federal levels. The anger swells at the lack of accountiblility for what happened and the slowness of our government is owning up to what they did and there failure to compensate innocent families. If you think injustice can't happen in America, read this book.