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  • E. Barron "alphabetjungle" - Great for general GRE test prepTo put this review in context, I am not applying to a super competitive grad school, so I am not looking to blast my score into the ultra competive range. That being said, I found this book superior for my purposes. My goal was to have a book that is going to familiarize me with the test and provide me with plenty of practice so that I can focus on areas of weakness. This book meets and exceeds that goal so I am very pleased with it.

    I found this book very easy to use for a number of reasons, over some other prep books I have used.

    First, the font and spacing between lines and columns makes it more readable than some other books I have. The paper quality is excellent and a nice shade of white unlike some more "newsprint-y" prep books I already own. The CD installed easily on my Windows Vista laptop, and I am no computer geek.

    Second the content of the book was presented in a very navigatable fashion, like most people who use these books, I'm guessing, I don't plan to read every word of every section. It is easy to get the sections I most want and to look at "Expert Exclusive" tips in the margin that point me to helpful information that will better equip me for the test.

    In addition to a practice test in the book, there is a diagnostic test online and other tests online and on the CD.

    These are just a few features of this book/CD/online companion--the ones I find most helpful. Check out the book description for other features if you want to know more.

    I recommend this resource.
  • Denise - Great product for IBS!My doctor suggested I try this product to get my IBS under control. I was thrilled to try something that didn't require drugs that might have negative side effects. By the 4th day I noticed a significant difference. I'm so glad I bought this on Amazon because the cost in the store is far more than what I paid on Amazon. I also like that I can subscribe and have it automatically delivered!