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  • E. Kennen - Holy Unintended Consequences!

    Flora Belle is a 10-year old cynic. At least, that's what she tells herself when hoping and caring feel too painful: when confronted with her mother's vast indifference, when faced with her father's unsurpassed loneliness. But when Flora sees a squirrel sucked up by a vacuum in her neighbor's backyard, she HAS to act. Yes, it's foolish and uncynical, but it's also what her favorite superhero, Incandesto, would do. Flora knows all about superheroes - particularly Incadesto - because she's a comic book fiend. But nothing could prepare her for a squirrel that can lift vacuums, fly, and... write poetry?

    Ulysses is a squirrel transformed by a near-death experience. When, before, his life's preoccupation was food, now he is awed by the wonder of it all: quarks, black holes, Flora's lovely round head, and, of course, giant donuts.

    Author Kate DiCamillo has woven a quirky tale with even quirkier characters: there's the doctor of philosophy, the next door neighbor who fears she's suffering from hallucinations, and the new boy who's so insufferably annoying that he's actually kind of fascinating. Some people will find the level of quirk offputting - the character's unusual cadence and dialog, the sometimes demanding philosophy, the way that comic strips and poetry are scattered among the prose, and the liberal dose of challenging vocabulary words like capacious. And yet, with its combination of laugh-out-loud and heart-wrenching moments, and its juxtaposition of realistic and surrealistic situations, FLORA AND ULYSSES is a wonderful middle-grade novel. If it's not for you, it's not for you - but fans of books like DiCamillo's THE TALE OF DESPERAUX and THE MIRACULOUS JOURNEY OF EDWARD TULANE may find something special among these pages, too.

  • Jordan C. Fowler "Slimey93" - My PRODUCT review.

    This tablet turned out to be what I wanted and expected. Yes my tablet is running honeycomb, yes my tablet is a little slow at times and I bit buggy. But that's a given the tablet isn't optimized for honeycomb it's optimized for ICS. The screen is beautiful the Ips+ screen really helps outdoors. The quad core is a litt bit outdated and may show in the near future, but that's like comparing a Ferrari to a Lamborghini they're both fast and sexy one is just a bit more faster and sexy than the other. The camera turned out to be better than I expected. I'm a college student so I have been using the keyboard a lot. Polaris office seems to be the best for making documents and such. Yes I do believe asus and retailers have botched this launch but hey what can you do no use crying over spilt milk I say. It's truly sad how people are pouting about the locked rooting capabilities but don't sque the results on a retailers website...that IMO is childish very very childish. All of my tablet needs have been sufficiently satiated. If you have any more questions just ask me in the comments and I'll be more than happy to answer them. Despite some problems I'm giving this PRODUCT a 5 out of 5 because the PRODUCT is fantastic and will work better once ICS comes out other problems are with the producer and retailers not the PRODUCT.

  • S. Smith - Advocating for a healthier environment for families

    Like many other parents, I was prompted to take a good look at what I was bringing into our home once we had kids. Cleaning products, bath and beauty items, chemical coated clothing. It's everywhere! I'm just a semi-crunchy girl trying to do what's right for my family. This book has lots of practical advice and information. It's not too preachy or snobby at all. Very relatable.