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Country: North America, US, United States

City: 84606 Provo, Utah

  • William W. Smith - Great for small bookshelf speakersI use this sub with a pair of psb Alpha powered speakers which have a tap for a subwoofer. I liked the small speakers but they were definitely lacking in bass.

    I don't need huge thumping bass, so I skipped the 12-inch version of this speaker. With a simple connection (long wire with RCA plugs at each end), I was up and running in no time. Bass sounds firm and present even at low volumes, which is great because most bookshelf speakers have no bass at all when driven at low volume.

    If your needs are modest but you need more bass, I can highly recommend this subwoofer.
  • 7DogNight - Best Probiotic on the MarketIt's good and it works to stabilize the digestive system. My husband was thought to have suffered an allergic reaction to some medication he was given. After much trial and error on the part of one doctor, his new doctor put him on Align - no more problems! Other probiotics have never delivered the benefits of Align - heartily recommend it.
  • Dean Scott Jones - Anne Taintor does it again...Really love the prints--we're in our late 50's and enjoy 'reminiscing'. Some folks have chided the calendar for using too many new technical references--so be it. It's a nice meld between long-ago and today. We've been buying Anne Taintor calendars for years now and will continue to do so. Well done....
  • Pinky - Mystery with a touch of romanceI loved this book and recommend others to read it. I love the fact that you get the murder in the beginning so you can try to pick up clues in order to solve it before author discloses who it is. There was several culprits I was suspecting but was kept enthralled til the end. I'm looking forward to checking out more of this author. Awesome job!!!!
  • carsonp - Better results than other popular acne treatmentsI had a major acne problem that would not go away. My chin and forehead were completely covered in acne. Even when I was a teenager it was never this bad. I tried an array of different acne treatments, including Proactiv and other leading skin care brands. None of them worked. Finally I ordered Exposed Acne Treatment. After a couple of weeks I saw results. In fact, it worked better than the other "popular" brands that celebrities rave about. It requires lower maintenance and is less harsh on the skin than the other brands. I have been using it for a couple of months now and my acne is completely gone. I strongly recommend Exposed Acne Treatment. Great product!