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  • Jeffrey A. Pinard - I thought this stuff was Uranium BoreI wanted to find something to take take the edge off my hectic life. Something boring would be fantastic. Since I was tired from another crazy day my eyes weren't focused and I misread the name posted. I thought this was Uranium "Bore" - as in "boring". With a click it was ordered and on its way. As always Amazon got it to me next day. Day 2, tired and in need of sleep I opened the box, pulled the gritty contents out of the can and blended it into my evening banana shake. I waited for a feeling of boring to come over me, and... nothing. An hour later though I for some really bad dry-mouth, looked down and horrified... my fingers, then my hands, and arms started withering! Before I could grab the phone, they fell off with nery a drop of blood spilling. At this point I'm more frustrated than upset. Instead of being more boring I have more anxiety in my life. With my priorities messed up I tried dialing Amazon with my toes when my cat suddenly freaked out, tearing into the bathroom. Confused, I ran after her to see what was up. She went to the one place she hates more than anywhere in the house... the bathtub. As I passed the bathroom mirror I found what upset her. Tentacle arms were growing out the top of my forehead like errant hairs. They continued growing, changing to a hideous purple the longer and fatter they got. Without any pain I watched in fascination as they fought amoungst themselves for dominance. Out of the 25 or so spaghetti arms I started with, it was whittled down to 4, each the length of an adult python. With the stragglers plucked, the tentacle twisted and gave me the universal thumbs up signal... handing over control to my brain.

    So now I'm back to square one. I can type again, but I am way less boring than before. Moral of the story? Read labels more carefully! I give this 5 stars because my new forehead-tentacle arms allow me to change light-bulbs without the need for a ladder and I can multi-task like a soccer Mom on crack.
  • Richard Williamson "RLW" - This is a great tabletThe Samsung is a replacement for another tablet that I have had for 3 years and I used it to read e-books. "What a change ! ! ". The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 has a faster OS and will load a lot faster, comes with more APPs and more of the ones I use. It has a longer battery life. I turned it on right out of box, it is not like most of them you have to charge for 24 hrs and it located my wifi within a minute. I am well pleased with this tablet.
  • Julie W. Snyder "Inviting friends to pie on t... - A Great Summer or Winter read!This book is on the reading list of my book group.

    It's summer, the living is easy and this is a perfect beach/pool read.
    Characters are minimal and fairly well developed.
    There are two time periods in the book (the twenties and the fifties) and the plot switches back & forth between the two, but I didn't find this confusing. In fact I sort of enjoyed the mystique about how they were connected.
    The plot was interesting enough to keep my attention, yet not too heavy and/or complicated that I couldn't pick up the book easily at a later time.
    Actually, a believable plot for once - and that's been all too rare recently.
    I have always been fascinated by perfume and this book introduced me to a new vocabulary and processes of the perfume industry.
    Loved the cover design!

    I read an Amazon review that revealed way too much of the plot - that was a regret!
    I like the design of the cover, but the actual brand new dust jacket was sort of tacky (sticky) and I had to remove it so I could read the book.
    If you are expecting a sexy romance - don't get your hopes up - its not there.

    This was simply an enjoyable "trip" and I want to read more by this author.
  • Anthony Wasserman "twasserman" - Powerful and disturbing - read in a single sittingI read this extremely powerful and disturbing book in a single sitting. Dave Eggers thoroughly documents the story of New Orleans business owners Abdulrahman Zeitoun, his wife, and their families before, during, and after Hurricane Katrina. We see that American Constitutional and legal guarantees of human rights and civil liberties can be easily ignored and that anyone can be arbitrarily arrested and held incommunicado indefinitely. I hope that this well-told account receives the honors and accolades that it deserves.

    On a related note, I have been a supporter of 826 Valencia (), Dave Eggers' program to support K-12 students in improving their writing skills. I would encourage others to offer their support so that we can develop more writers with the skills that Dave Eggers exhibits here.
  • crispylocal - very good antivirusI have this product since a year and now it is 2nd year (2013) it is a very good antivirus+quick clean up but you have to update it manually (better) although it will update itself most of the time
    I recommend it to everyone as it is fast and affordable
    5+stars to amazon and Mcafee company
    Thank you