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  • :::DIGITAL BABE::: ":::DIGITAL BABE:::" - Amazing, enlightening read on Jim Henson and the art of puppetryJim Henson: The Biography is the best non-fiction book I have read in a really long time. I love the Muppets. I love Sesame Street. I love The Dark Crystal. I love Labyrinth. You can pretty much say that I grew up loving Jim Henson creations. I did not know much about Jim Henson's background until reading this. Now I feel I know everything I ever wanted to know and didn't want to know about the man that had such an impact on my childhood.

    Brian Jay Jones writes about Henson's grandparents and how they impacted Jim's life. I didn't feel the need to include so much detail in his lineage but that might just be me. I enjoyed the manner in which Jim's life and career were explained. It was interesting to see how hard he worked in order to create and make others happy. I felt uplifted as I read of Jim's successes. Jim's life is presented in chronological order in larger terms Jim's projects. Although, I knew Jim Henson would eventually pass away, reading it still made me well up with tears.

    My absolute favorite chapter was The World In His Head: 1979-1982. It describes the behind the scenes of The Dark Crystal and other projects. It was amazing to read of each feat of puppetry. As a viewer of Muppet movies and other Henson projects, I would watch and wonder "How did they do that?" It was eye-opening to understand exactly what went into making certain scenes and how long a 3 minute scene took to film.

    Anyone with even the slightest interest in anything Jim Henson or puppetry should read this book. Even if you think you aren't interested, you should read this book. It was amazing!
  • DD "Review" - Finally, a Dark Hair SolutionI have thick black hair and it has been a constant problem. Even when I shaved, the hair was visible under my skin. I was always fighting ingrown hairs, stubble, and razor burn. After 2 weeks, about 40-60% of my hair began falling out. It hasn't been 4 weeks yet, but I am hoping to see a lot more hair loss soon. I am still shaving every 4 days, but I used to have to shave every day. Even if I never lost any more hair, it would be worth the 400$ because I don't have to deal with the constant ingrown hairs, razor burn, and stubble that came from how thick and dense the hair was. I have a medium complection my underarms and bikini are light, but my legs and arms get pretty dark tan over the summer. I was worried that my skin tone would be too dark or that it would hurt too much because I had tanner skin (it doesn't hurt any more on my tanner skin than on my lighter skin areas). I have a high pain tollerance, but it hurt and seemed to get very hot at first. I started out on level 2-3 and after a bit, the area kind of adjusts to the prickling/heat sensation. Then I could go over the area again on Level 4 or, usually 5. A glass of wine or motrin kind of helped too. But, now that the density of my hair is so decreased, pain isn't really an issue. To make sure I get my legs thoughouly, I started lining them with an orange highlighter.
  • Yazan - best antivirus ever!once in the past norton app was heavy on computers but since 2012 and above it was a great product :D
    friendly user app. fast, smooth and efficient :)
    I am not sure if it can be upgraded to Norton Internet Security 2014 but i still recommend this product for all windows users
    jood job Norton
  • Anne M. Bradley "appleinmyeye" - Pride & Ferrell MarketingI purchased the hard copy of the book for my marketing class. This book is indeed a tremendous tool. As I researched companies, I discovered the ones on top of their game use the same terminology. One I think of is Weber in California. I had the pleasure of speaking to management there as it related to a marketing assignment. Their website mirrored many of the essentials which this marketing book has. Emphasis on ethics is great - and reasonably used as a "must" in order for a company to thrive. My school would charge me almost the same price for an ebook and only allow me to have access to it for 120 days, which I think is defeating their purpose in education. I hope I can get this book as an ebook soon, which I can use on my laptop. I will check with Amazon, yet I am concerned I woud have to have a Kindel. Nevertheless this book is excellent and a great business tool for those who have already attained their degrees.
  • CC927 - Bookkeeping as easy as pie!Enjoying numbers and bookkeeping as I do, Quickbooks helps me to keep businesses that I work for and have worked for in the past current and reports easy to generate.
    For anyone who wants to own a small business and have to do the bookkeeping yourself to save money, this is the product for you. I have used other software which is good also. With the need to have an accountant for year end taxes and more complicated forms and reporting than a beginner can handle, I find that the accounting firms I've worked with all use Quickbooks so its easy to send them reports and access through Quickbooks. With the Excel feature, you can compile and merge more information from your Quickbooks reports for other financial needs. Quickbooks is simply awesome. I've recommended it to my friends in small business.