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  • R. Gray "finestsounds" - If you have AAA, you have free lifetime map updatesThis is my fourth GPS purchase. This is the best GPS I have owned. ETA starts out higher on this GPS than others and goes down if traffic is agreeable, and I'm good with that. (My other GPS will give me an overly optimistic ETA like I'll never hit a red light, and usually ends up 10 minutes later than the original ETA). If you have AAA, (and you should if you don't), you have free lifetime map updates. That will end up paying for the unit in itself.
  • Aaron Brown - Good history, excellent analysisBalko provides a thorough overview of the history of militarization in America's police forces and a compelling analysis of the root cause for many of the worst abuses of the drug war. Highly recommended.
  • L. Maupin "drop-dead-books" - Unlimited device protection..only have to buy oneMcAfee All Access Individual 2013
    by McAfee Inc
    Platform: Windows 7 / Vista / 2000 / XP
    As the others have mentioned, I opened the box and all there was was a piece of fpaper pointing to a web page and the code to use to access the product. This must only be for the vine program, because on thre site on Amazon it says there is a CD. I was really happy because the CD does not work on my laptop.You can also install it on all your devices without having to pay a fee for each item. like a lot of malware requires.

    I have been using this very same McAffee product nfor the past year and a half and really like it.

    I had a bit of trouble installing it because you have to remove all traces of the old McAffee to reinstall the new one. I went to the control panel and removed it but it kept popping up saying that i still needed to remove the old one. I went to program files and deleted everything that said "McAffee" but it still had a problem.

    Finally I rebooted and that finally did it, and it installed swiftly. There have been no more pop ups, nor hang-ups nor stalls, so i am pleased with it.
  • Pen Name - Best investmentBeen using Sweet Sweat for a year now. At first i bought it, lost weight, and stopped. Then once i started gaining back and needed to re-lose it (military) i buy a jar on the first of the month every month. Not only does it help physically with cramped muscles, shin splints, and sweating (when i say sweat, i mean SWEAT pouring on floor) it mentally helps kuz when you see how much you sweat it makes you want to keep going kuz youre seeing an immediate response that its working. I use it in conjunction with a sweat band kuz i personally like not worrying about it rubbing off on clothes and i like seeing the sweat pour when i take it off. It can be used with loose fitting clothes just fine though. In the past month ive had my waist go from a 30.5 to 28 inches by using it. Of course im taking raspberry ketones and a 1200 calorie diet and i exercise a hr a day but with that plus the sweet sweat i enjoy my workouts and my muscles arent too sore to do my two workouts. I even put it on my shin when i had a fracture to pace someone for their physical test 2 mile run abd was pain free until later that night :)
  • Brittany - Totally worked!I had been off birth control for about 6 months and was ready to begin trying for a baby when my cycle began going crazy. I would go 8 weeks with no period and then the next month would only go 3 1/2 week before the next period. It was pretty frustrating so I found FertilAid online and began taking it. My cycle returned to normal after the first month and the second month I got pregnant! The directions say to take 3 pills a day but I despise taking pills and could only make myself take two a day and some days I forgot as well, but they still worked and I am now pregnant after only using the pills intermittently for 2 months! The only thing I didn't like was that the pills are rather large. They have to be but I was not expecting pills that large so it was a bit of a shock. Regardless, I am so pleased with this product and would recommend it to anyone trying to regulate their cycle or to conceive.