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  • peg4x4 "peg4x4" - doesn't stick

    If you do it right. Wash with Dawn,a paper towel and very warm water. Heat,add oil and rub over the pan interior.. I've had mine for over three months,use it every day. It did get sticky ONCE. I redid the seasoning and it has not stuck again,not even on the sides.. So I've told all my friends :)

  • T-Lynna "The Reading Clover" - Another Great Kindle Product!!!

    After such a good experience with my original Kindle, I was ecstatic when it was announced that Amazon would be releasing a tablet for their Kindle collection, and I was not disappointed.

    The Kindle Fire gives you the ability to take all your music, shows, movies and books with you anywhere you go! In addition it lets you subscribe to your favorite magazine, browse the internet and play app games. The Fire conveniently charges with an usb cord that also has the wall outlet attachment, making it chargeable in almost any environment.

    The Fire is thicker and heavier than the original Kindles but not to the point where they are difficult to hold on to for adults and children alike. This product is a low cost tablet option that will be enjoyed by your entire family.

    I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for an inexpensive tablet that is good quality with a wide variety of uses for optimal enjoyment!

  • Kristi - Great for small house and eating out!

    We love this chair! It is super easy to put on and take off but is also very secure. Our little guy is still a little small for it (but desperately wants to be part of the action) so we just stuff a blanket around him. It folds up so it is fairly easy to travel with. The fabric is a sturdy material. I haven't had to clean it yet.

  • HandymanNJ "ED" - A must read for superstorm sandy aftermath!

    Boy I was glad I had read this book just before Sandy hit! Living on the coast we are loaded with huge ships! As the storm subsided I ventured out for much needed supplies! Hopped into my trusty Honda and started down the road.As I swing out onto Rt 35 all of a sudden there it is a 35ft ChrisCraft blocking the center lane. A quick jerk of the wheel avoided a fiberglassed smash up. Only to encounter a 40ft cabin cruiser taking up the left close call again..while these ships are not as huge as the ones in the book the lesson's learned and applied here work just as well. Only problem is I hope a third edition comes out before the next storm
    "How to avoid small ships" since a 20 ft Bayliner on the shoulder of the road took off my side view mirror