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  • John Gregory - I was a skeptic, but now converted, I am an advocate!!Perfect for stairs, pretty darn good for floors. I have always looked at the price of Dyson vacuums with suspicion and used other products (both uprights and Irobot's Roombas and Scoobas) but I decided to try this product after a few years of trying to use my upright on my carpeted stairs. This device is just simply perfect for this purpose. I also bought the "hardwood floor" attachment for my bamboo floors and it would quite well on that count too.
  • Imnominia - recommendedi thougt this tablet were going to be a refurbished but no, except for a small scratch., i have a new tablet with all functionalities i can have with a new one
  • Robert C. Basselgia - Did not work on Vista, but works on Win 7 - 32I was preparing to upgrade Vista Home Premium to Windows 7 Home Premium, 32 bit, but my Roxio Creator 9DE
    was not compatable. I purchased Roxio Creator 2011 and installed it before the upgrade and it would not run
    on Vista. I emailed Roxio Support, but before they responded I did the Win 7 upgrade. After the upgrade I tried
    Roxio Creator 2011 and it loaded O.K. I haven't tried any of the applications yet, but I have viewed the video tutorials and read the PDF tutorials. No problems!
    So far so good. Please note that I didn't uninstall and reinstall after the upgrade. The installation on Vista was on my computer during the Win 7 installation. Ater the installation of Win 7, Roxio Creator 2011 worked.
  • Shopper - Microsoft Office 2011 for MacI find this suite to be very helpful. Most everyone I know uses Windows so it makes life easier not to have to listen to the whining by sending something they don't have to convert.

    I use Word and Excel and find both to be quit powerful applications. I don't need Power Point because I have Keynote. I could use Apple's software iLife but I like Word and Excel which is why I upgraded to 2011. All in all I'm very pleased with the purchase.

    I can't comment on Entourage because I've never used it.

    If you're a Mac user and hesitant to buy this suite, don't be. I think you will be pleased with it.
  • RightStuff - Fantastic work!This is a great book that is carefully footnoted. The book will not be well-accepted by leftists, however. Neither will it be accepted by the blacks in this country. The truth on segregation and discrimination of the blacks will be tough to hear by those who have a vested interest in keeping things just the way they are. Ann describes the plantation mentality very well. Read this one.