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  • Robert J. Morrow "editor, Hamilton Home Review" - Irwin Shaw reincarnatedIf you were more of a TV buff in the 70s and 80s, you'll remember "Rich Man, Poor Man" That was Irwin Shaw; well loved because of his ability to tackle different subjects and write compelling, character-rich pieces of literature that just happened to become mass-market best sellers.
    Jess Walter is the new Irwin Shaw. Beautiful Ruins is a story about one of Richard Burton's many conquests which, in and of itself, is not remarkable. But the way Walter tells the story--from the actresses' point of view, the producer's point of view, and PR girls point of view, and most importantly, the happless Italian's point of view--sets this book apart from any other book about the era when movies like 'Cleopatra' dominated the entertainment world.
    It's a story of lost love, changing dreams, and destiny. It's a story about a man and a woman and how our dreams influence our actions... usually for the good, but not always.
    Mostly though, it's a story that is so well written, the subject matter is secondary. It's about character development. And Jess Walter is a master! I look forward to reading his older works now, having just discovered this remarkable author.
  • Scott Wacholtz - Highly RecommendedI would highly reommend the kindle to anyone in the tablet market. Very easy to use and fulfills all my mobile device needs, partiucularly e-reading.
  • anoopktm "anoopktm" - The BEST of all...What I strongly want to say is NEVER BELIEVE THE CRITICS it is written by some Roger Waters fan...NOT A REAL MUSIC LOVER. There's no doubt that "High Hopes" is the most beautiful song ever released by Pink Floyd. Thats not junk guitar noises, but it creates emotions through David Gilmour's guitar. I strongly recommend this album for any music fan.
  • P <3<3 - motivationI read the book and I couldn't keep my eyes away from it. I read it all in one sitting. I looked at the time and realized it was 3am... I didn't even notice the time because I was so taken and excited with each chapter. It was very motivating! It's a must read if you want to transform your love life.