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  • Saul Rodriguez - My first iPad.As you may know, this is my first iPad I got with my own money, and it feels awesome. The screen, I thought was going to be to small. Turns out, it's just perfect. The battery life is just amazing. I can leave the house at 7:00am and don't have to put it to church until I'm ready to sleep around 11:00pm. I use it for school and it's so convenient when I have to go sing at events I have all my lyrics in one place. I am a happy person.
  • dre - excellent but needs more timely deliveryLoved this and definitely works. My only complaint is that the monthly automatic delivery could be more timely. My first refill was came about 5 days later and i had to miss a few pills because of that.
  • Alex's Mom - Buy it from AmazonI originally bought this product, along with the eye cream, from a kiosk in White Plains. I really liked it, and even contemplated going in to buy more when it was gone, but luckily checked Amazon first! I could not believe that it was only a fraction of the original price. I thought it might not be the real thing so I saved my original packaging to make sure it is definitely the same product!! While I am annoyed that the company resorts to duping customers into overpaying for the product, i definitely think it is worth the amazon price and more. I ended up buying a lot more gratiae products and have been very happy with them.
  • G. A. Johnson - The series is starting to get good.It started off slow, but has started to pick up steam. The characters are becoming more interesting and Clark Gregg does an excellent job playing Coulson as a man trying to run a team while handling his own self doubts. I'm still not terribly fond of the character of Skye and I find myself hoping that she either becomes much more interesting rather shortly, or suffers a terminal case of sudden death. The tie in with the second Thor movie was cleverly done and I am looking forward to seeing where the series goes.
  • Root of the square - Now That Is An Adventure25 seconds.

    That's how long it took me to turn on my kindle wireless connection and find and purchase the next book of the Outlander series (Drums of Autumn) immediately after finishing Voyager.

    Gabaldon has really hit her stride in this the third of the Outlander books. The action is non-stop. So non-top that it verges on the unbelievable, but then we're talking about time traveling back and forth over 200 years here so I think we can agree that there is a need to suspend belief for a just a little while.

    This book is all narrative, there is relatively little meaningful dialogue, no time spent on flowery hyperbole. In Voyager, Gabaldon tells her story at break neck speed, it's on from one disaster and narrow escape to the next. Pirates, fires, brushes with the law and Her Majesty's Navy, crocodiles and hurricanes, Voyager has them all and more to boot.

    Voyager is the kind of page turner I can't put down, yes there is room for more eloquence and repose and if every book in the series were to move at this speed you'd be exhausted in a matter of weeks, however, after the relatively slow pace of Dragonfly in Amber, Voyager's style and pacing work nicely as the next step in the Outlander story.

    As I said, I couldn't put it down, and 25 seconds after I was done, I had moved on to the next book, so I guess Voyager would have to have my seal of approval.