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  • Carol R. Vaughn - Great for younger kidsMy 8 year old absolutely loves this game. I could understand why older more sophisticated gamers would find it boring, but it's perfect for younger kids. I can't understand the age rating of 10+. My son figured everything out and got 3 levels into the game (to the "tribal stage") within the first week without ever looking at the instructions. I think kids these days are much more adept at learning to play these games than the people who make up the age ratings give them credit for.
  • Stephen Schwartz-Fenwick - Great product & IT WORKS!I have IBS and had noticed a decrease in regularity over the past 4-6 months. I would not have a bowel movement for a day, then the next morning I would sit down and huge nasty mess would come out. Also, I would have really stinky gas during the day too. It seems like there are two kinds of probiotics out there. The cheap kind is where you get like 400 pills for $30. The expensive kind is where you get 30 pills for $30. It seems like there is no in between, so I thought there must be something about these expensive ones that is better. I looked around for reviews of the expensive ones on amazon and settled on align, partly because it's friendliness to lactose intolerance (which I have). I have been soooooo impressed. The first 2 weeks there was no improvement, but it seemed like after the 3rd or 4th week on it, BAM, I was all better! Regular, well-formed bowel movements that I was used too. It's great. I like the packaging too and that they don't need to be refrigerated. I have been taking them for 2 months now and have had continued good results. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!
  • K. A. Jones - Took a chance....Glad I Did!!Hello

    About three weeks ago our 2009 52" Sony LCD got broken and we had to look for a new set. I had a intention of getting a Sony or Samsung LED. Plasmas were not even on the menu or a thought.After two hours in a local B.B talking to the Magnolis rep I came awy sold on plasma. A week later I put the order in Amazon for a new TV; a Panasonic 55" GT30. I also needed a new BR Player so I grabbed the Panasonic BDT210. This was going to be our first taste of 3D. Since doing the order at once I needed 3D glasses. The Panasonic models were a bit high for my taste and wllet so I looked for a 3rd party pair.

    I read as many reviews, pro and users I could find which is not really much. I first settled on the Xpand and then changed to the True_Depth the day before doing the order. Don't ask but when it came time I decided to check around one more time and saw the 3Active ones. Not many review and most were DLP owners with some Samsung in the mix. The ones for the Panasonic were not out yet(out in the next two days). Don't ask but a gut feeling said these were it.

    They came like they said they would and both in a nice little black w/orange trim zip case. Inside you have a 3ft USB charge cord, instructions and a nice cleaning cloth. Said it takes about 2hrs to charge which it did. My first test was with just 2D>3D conversion. Now these are our first pair, our first time with 3D of any kind. I was bit worried since the main complaints was some seem heavy or your eyes cannot handle it or the tint is too dark. I held the power button as directed, it flashed "blue" and the Pansonic "saw" the glasses. I tried a few different BR movies and it did pretty good. Not true 3D but depth never the less. I did have to use the "Game or Vivid" setting instead of custom so to bump up the brightness but still good.

    Today was a new challenge as I decided to try a 3D movie off Starz (AT&T) and the new Transformers: Dark of the Moon 3D. With Starz it was the animated flick, Tangled and I came away impressed being thru AT&T. I used "Game Mode" and the colors were good, not like normal viewing but say Cinema and just slightly toned down. The glasses never flinched and I never put them down once during the movie. My eyes didn't seem to strain or have problems. I by the way only use reading glasses here and there. Second was Transformers 3D disc and the TV, player and glasses worked hand-in-hand to deliver a surperb 3D movie. Again I watched this in it's entirety without taking the glasses off. For the weight, feel and look they remind me of the old style Raybans or Wayfarers. They don't pinch the side or hurt your ears. No extra nose pieces but for me I didn't need one. The extra width on the sides do block out light but you're not going to get 90-100% light blockage no-where. One big selling point to me was being rechargable which most don't do. The price is downright attactive and below most other models. The feel of them is light yet not cheap. And getting a nice case instead of some pouch is even better. I would therefore recommend these without hesitation.

    Kenny J...Nashville TN
  • Simplify Now, LLC - Works as expected; returning from last yearI've been using H&R for a decade or so, and it always does well for me. I do NOT use the deduction pro since it's much easier to use the Salvation Army valuation guide. I do use the schedule C functionality for small business - you don't need the business version of this software unless you have a larger/more complicated business. As I've read in other reviews, the business version is completely different and much less polished.