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  • reamsa - Really does work!!Wow... I am super surprised by all the negative reviews. I went back home on vacation and my dad had actually bought it. The bottle is a decent size maybe my dad opt for the bigger size, but I seen it and asked him if it worked he said it really did. So he gave me the rest of the bottle and I have a MINI Cooper S. A little does really go a long way. 3drops did my fenders on one side. Probably took me 15drops to do all my fenders and grill and leather and dash and headlights which were super foggy but look new now. My car looks amazing. Seriously looks brand new. Most of these ppl are upset about the size of the bottle and dont rate what the actual product does. Since I didn't pay for it makes me even happier lol. Its worth it though with all the money ive wasted in armourall.
  • Justin D. Cofer - If you like Amazon and easy to use buy this tablet you can't loseI went back and forth between the tablets and my Wife wanted to order get a kindle so i got me one as well and I have never been happier with a tablet and i love Amazon so i will be buying another one whenever i need to but that may be a while
  • jally7 - Preston and Child do it againPreston and Child are to me what this genre of fiction is supposed to be. Fast pace but of worthwhile prose. Great characters starting with Pendergast and Swanson. That hard to put down quality that all the best books are made of. All of these come together for a great read after the Helen storyline. Man I love these guys!