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  • Dr Tim - A solid product with quick deliveryAlthough I am not a fan of the Microsoft procedure: "download from Microsoft to get this to work, but first setup a Microsoft account or you can't get this", I still enjoy the Outlook 2013 product. NEVER, NEVER buy the Office 360 software while Office 2013 is available. Don't be stupid about it, since leasing a product for a year, with a $10 difference in original pricing for that year, then having to pay a monthly or annual fee to keep using it is generally a poor business model for mainstream clients. The only reason it will work here is that Microsoft has made the world so dependent on their office applications, that many will buy into the 360 software at that time. In the meantime, keep getting the 2013 version so you own it. You have to make your own media for backup, but you still own it.
  • ashma - Best buy for a tablet!If you want a tablet with the following: a responsive screen, very good resolution screen, good internal hardware, and inexpensive, buy a Kindle Fire! It has been so great I bought it for an older relative who needed a user friendly tablet. It is leagues better than our Nook Color, that has been endlessly frustrating.
  • An Avid Reader of PolySci - just what we needed!went together with a cordless drill in about 20 minutes and has made using the SelectTecs a breeze for our workouts. since we do BeachBody and Jillian Michaels, we were concerned lifting and setting the weights down through out a work out. this makes it all easier and protects the dumbells from a misjudged drop!

    the stand rolls into the den from the living room when workout is done easy peasy
  • Juanita M Danyi - Must have gadgetI make a delicious healthful smoothie each day with fresh fruit and vegetables from my garden. The drink is smooth with no lumps at all like my traditional blender. My son uses nuttribullet everyday to make a protein shake before he works out. He said the drink has a smooth and rich texture much different than our traditional blender.
  • SunShine - Not a Trial Product..It is coverage for 366 days!So many negative reviews have stated that this is only a trial period, which made me skeptical of purchasing this. THEY WERE WRONG! I'm glad that I took the time out to read correct reviews and figured out that all you must do is retreive your product key to activate the coverage. I hope this helps because this is a great deal that I hope many take advantage of.