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  • TexasotanJen - I Had No Idea ...When I bought this t-shirt for my husband as a Father's Day gift, I had no idea of the side-effects. Just two days after the shirt was delivered, I went into labor. I delivered a healthy baby boy. But the odd part was that he had a full beard and a righteous mullet. The doctors were amazed. I can only attribute it to the shirt. The power of the three-wolf-moon shirt is not to be taken lightly. Don't be surprised, ladies, if you give birth to babies who eat their steaks rare and howl at the moon all night. I have had to make my man swear not to wear the shirt if there is the slightest chance I may conceive again. Who knows what the shirt could create if it were around at conception?! Some things should be left undiscovered, I think.
  • Richard Ferguson - A Great Buy!I have found the Kindle Fire HD to be a great value with great performance. It is also a great choice for a first-time tablet user.
  • AdoboSports - Norton has never failed me since 2002!!!I've been a happy Norton software buyer since 2002. It has never failed me. No Internet Security software is perfect but if you set your OS permissions right and have common sense the size of a mustard seed, they should bee enough to prevent the most common viruses, spam, spywares & malwares. Nothing or no one in this world is capable of doing everything you want for you. Everything is a compromise. To those people who complain about how it wasn't made right or it's worse than last year or whatever...NOBODY FORCED YOU TO BUY IT. Why don't you design & make one for yourselves...maybe this way you'll be able to please yourselves.

    Again...thank you Amazon for making things more affordable for the rest of us!
  • Terenzu 4 America - kitchen applianceThe complete set is nice but I really only need the base unit, one of the cutting blades and the large blender container. I purchased this back about April or May 2013 with the intent to use it for breakfast only a few days a week. Since July 2013 I have used it every morning and most lunch time and even some nights too. Very functional, much easier to clean and except for the decibles of noise it sometime creats just a perfect kitchen appliance. That noise "problem" is dependant I suppose on what "hard" foods I may have not cut into small enough pieces to begin with.