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  • Wynne Gillis - The Real GettysburgI've read many books about the Civil War in general and Gettysburg in particular but I found this one the most gripping of them all. When I finally managed to put it down, the images stayed with me. Of all the descriptions of battles I've read, this one feels the most true to life. What Peters reveals as no other writer ever has is the blood lust, the kill-or-be-killed spirit that takes such control that a man becomes a beast in the heat of battle. I now understand why soldiers develop PTSD. By the book's end, I felt Gettysburg, in all its bloody horror,as if I had lived through it myself--the mark of a good story.
  • honest_review - The only thing that worked!This product is amazing!! I had dealt with BV for almost a year. My doctor had given me two different prescription meds. I would be fine while on the medication but only a day or two later it would be back. I then tried every over the counter medicine I could find and as soon as I was finished with the product it would be back again. After doing much research online to try to find a cure I came across Rephresh and decided to give it a try. I used the Rephresh gel every 3 days as directed for 6 weeks. At the same time, I used the Rephresh Pro-B Supplement (one in the morning and one at night). I am so happy to say that the BV is gone! I am no longer using the gel except after intimacy with my husband (to keep my PH balanced), and am only taking one supplement a day now. There were times over the first few weeks that I thought it was getting worse, but gradually it got better and better until it was gone. I highly recommend this to anyone who is dealing BV. It works!!
  • Ethos_di_Dionysus - Don't be scared off by the reviews on the taste.I've only recently tried this product. So far I am loving it!
    I wasn't really scared off by all the reviews going on about how awful it tastes.
    Taking a more practical mindset on personal nutrition and health, taste doesn't really factor in my decision for what I eat or drink.
    Even if that wasn't the case though, I found nothing wrong with how this product tastes!
    It doesn't taste fantastic, but to me anyway, it certainly doesn't taste disgusting as so many others seem to think.
    And as others on here have already commented on, the benefits do far outweigh the taste factor. I won't go into all the health benefits, as others have already commented very well and thoroughly on that.
    I really just wanted to add my own comment on the taste, because I feel that it's been blown way out of proportion by most of these reviews.
    Although I'm not really that surprised, given that everything about food and nutrition anymore seems driven by whether or not it tastes good, and less about how good it is for us.
    Bottom line... If you're one who's focus is on the nutrition of what you take in, rather than the taste, this is a great product. And it doesn't taste very bad at all.
    If you are one who's focus is on how something tastes rather than how good it is for you, this isn't a product for you.
  • Don Laird - Great topic for both players and coaches.Jay does an excellent job of discussing the many diverse aspects that make up what it truely means to be "tough". Describing his own experiences as well as those comments from coaches and players nicely illustrates each of his points. As a coach, this book deserves a second read with pen and paper in hand to jot down notes on how we can help our players to develop the toughness needed to compete not only in sports but also in life.