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  • Christopher D. Jones - Great Protection

    I keep going back to Kaspersky after Norton let me down in a big way. Since using Kaspersky I have had no issues in the last 5 years. My kids visit all kinds of crappy websites which try to install Trojan's but so far Kaspersky stopped them.
    3 computers protected for that price as well, can't beat it.

  • Amanda Lee - This works!

    I have never used any protection with my husband in the 9 years I have been with him, Im 26 and figured I couldn't get pregnant. I decided to try this before I go to the doctors and see what they could do for me. I had no idea this would work so fast! I only took this for 2 months then BAM I was pregnant! The pregnancy went great and I had a beautiful healthy baby girl! She is now a year old and I havent gotten pregnant again so I think im gonna order me some more. I had given the rest of my bottle to my neighbor that was trying to get pregnant and 3 months later she was pregnant.

  • Darena Shopz "darenashopzatgmxdotcom" - Reliable Accounting System for Small Businesses

    I've used QuickBooks for over 15 years with only slight changes through the years.

    If you're already familiar with QuickBooks then no surprises with the 2013 version.

    For those who are not familiar, it's a great accounting system that helps you organize your books. It can run most any accounting report you'll need. It gathers the report on info that you have input so the accuracy depends on what has been put in. We tried to go without using QuickBooks because of the cost but there was not a better alternative out there for us. We tried just using an estimate and invoice template and making our own but it was so frustrating trying to keep track of them and trying to figure out if they had been paid or not. QuickBooks takes care of all of that for us. So we sprung for the newer version when we switched computers. I know there are a few other systems out there but overall, I haven't used one that worked better, especially for the price.

    It's just a must have for our small business and I've not found an easier or cheaper way to keep up with our books. We mostly use the estimate and invoices. But there is so much that you can do with it.

  • A. P. Hoban - Uncluttered observation Panasonic DMC G5

    I have owned ths Lumix G5 KK since May 2013. I do not wish to compete, complain, or take exception to other reviewers. Just my observation. Backstory: not a professional or even skilled amateur. I own the following in addition to this: Canon S100, Canon SX 210, Sony Alpha Nex F3 and several others a bit older. This machine works, delivers and if thoughtfully set up with kit or custom lens does the work. I have a kit 14-42 an two others, one fixed 35mm and one zoom 70-200. I upload to Photoshop CS6. I note that post processing for both stills and video becomes less a necessity. By working with this machine, i.e. taking lots of video, lots of stills, I am engaging the pre-processing tools built into the camera, which, as noted by an amateur, appear to produce very powerful and positive results. When I upload to Photoshop, there is often little left to be done. In addition, the price point on this machine is very desireable as it has drop greater than 20% since my may 2013 purchase. Its big brother sister the GH3 offers even more professional results but at a considerably higher price point. The GH3 appears to be a significant addition to the Lumix line up. The G5 is remarkably close in many aspects when you line up, side by side, the technical specifications of each camera.
    As to my personal experience, being vision challenged, I fin both the electronic viewfinder and the tiltable and reversible 3" LCD dscreen to be virtually useful in every weather scenario I have encountered, short of a direct hit tornado. This machine is very user friendly, light weight, compact and doesn't get in the way of the objective, still photo, video, or hybrid experience. For the money, I have been well served

  • Jacquelyn Marks - Quick and Easy

    I see that a lot of people were having trouble with this product. I downloaded it anyway. The product key appeared a few times, so I am not sure where they had trouble there. I was a little nervous because it had to reinstall the new version on my laptop. It then restarted the computer. It automatically created a file on my desktop with the product key inside.

    It took me a few minutes to install and its working. It also told me I have 366 days left of my subscription once it was done. This is not a trial version.